4 God-Tier Snacks To Get You Through Your Next Games Night

4 God-Tier Snacks To Get You Through Your Next Games Night
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Snacking while you’re having mates around is a crucial element of the night, almost as important as actually having the consoles plugged in, the board games set up, and a steady internet connection, depending on the flavour of games night you’re having.

On a related topic, you should definitely do a test run prior to your friends arriving — if the wifi drops out then you’ll quickly drop out of the group, involuntarily.

Once the wifi’s tried and tested, it’s time to turn your attention to the perfect snack to accompany the evening. Whether you’ve instructed people to bring something to add to the pile, or you’re in charge of the entire menu, here are a few failsafe options (and the ideal accompanying beverage) that always please the masses.

A salty smorgasbord

Chips, pretzels, salted nuts (unsalted nuts are banned), any sort of corn-related snack that comes in a family-sized bag is definitely your friend.

Tear ’em open, throw them into huge serving bowls and you’ve got an instant grazing table. The less frills the better.

Pair with: The sweetness of a Kraken & Cola will cut right through all of that salt you’re consuming.


I love jerky. What’s not to love? Hit of protein, you can chew on it for a while so it lasts longer, kinda like a cured meat version of Extra gum.

That comparison doesn’t sound as appealing as initially thought.

Either way, jerky’s that primo snack you can chow on while gaming up a storm because you only have to look away from the screen every so often to replenish that meaty chewing gum.

Pair with: A bottle of Kraken & Dry will bring out the meaty goodness of your leather straps.


Let’s save this one for a post-gaming nightcap given the inherent stickiness of wings — they don’t bode particularly well for your controller/keyboard and mouse.

Despite the mess, wings — buffalo, BBQ, deep-fried — are a top-tier snack, made all the more satisfying given you have to work for them more than usual, boneless snacks.

And no, boneless chicken wings aren’t a thing. They’re just called tenders.

Pair with: If you’re devouring wings, you need to get around a Kraken & Dry Premix.

Image: @FabioOliveira


Sushi might seem like an odd choice for a group night in, but the bite-sized portions it comes in really is the epitome of convenience.

Do away with the sauces if you want a cleaner experience, that way it’s as simple as chucking some raw fish in your mouth and getting back to business.

Pair with: The mature option is to have 30ml of The Kraken Black Spiced Rum in a glass with an oversized ice block.

Remember to be 18+ and drink responsibly.


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