Here Are The Cheapest Copies of GTA: The Trilogy In Australia

Here Are The Cheapest Copies of GTA: The Trilogy In Australia
Image: Rockstar Games
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Strap yourselves in because today’s the day the digital editions of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy hit online shelves. Alas, if you’re hanging on for a physical copy you’ll have to wait until December 7.

As one of the biggest and most popular franchises in the world, you’ll find GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition on all of the major gaming platforms, including PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Despite the initial eye-watering price tag for a remaster that was originally released back in 2005, this time around you’re getting three expansive games in a shiny new bundle. GTA: The Trilogy includes three of its franchise-defining games: Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas.

While the last time Rockstar “enhanced” a GTA game it had a whole slew of issues, so it would be a rude shock if the developer didn’t learn from its past mistakes. However, a number of leaks have made this remaster all the more exciting with new achievements to look forward to as well as a bunch of hilarious and meme-related references (hello, Bigfoot).

So buckle up because we’ve rounded up the best prices from your local Aussie retailers to help you snag a great deal ahead of the big release date.

Where can you get GTA: The Trilogy for cheap?

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy
Image: Rockstar Games

For the cheapest copy of the PS4 and Xbox editions, Amazon Australia has got your back with $74.99 while it also holds first place for the Nintendo Switch with just $68. Pricing is pretty consistent across all of the other major Australian retailers, averaging at $79 for PS4 and Xbox and $68 for Switch.

Here’s every major retailer in Australia where you can pick up the remastered GTA: The Trilogy for cheap:

And here’s where you can pick up the remastered GTA: The Trilogy for Nintendo Switch:

But if you can’t handle the wait, don’t forget you can always jump online to purchase your digital copy for full price.


  • Don’t buy it. Seriously don’t

    GTA SA is a port of the mobile version with no but fixes. So all those problems in the 360/PS3 release still exist in this version.

  • Embargo on footage and reviews says all we need to know.

    Consumers have to demand more. Otherwise we will keep getting shovel fed shit.

  • The main thing I’ve seen so far that is a bit ‘yikes’ is the draw distance in San Andreas – it’s waaaaaay too far, and shows how ridiculous the map looks.

    We’ve had draw distance mods on the PC version for years, and everyone knows you can’t set it that high. The game was designed around the hardware limitations.

    Would it have been that hard to include some gentle haze/fog to reduce that a bit?

  • As someone who recently replayed all of them, Some of the sections of the game, without checkpoints, controller breakage inducing.
    Thank heavens for emulators who allow you to save in certain sections.

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