Halo Infinite Devs Respond To Samurai Armour Event Backlash

Halo Infinite Devs Respond To Samurai Armour Event Backlash
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Halo Infinite, despite its impeccable game feel, has been heavily under fire for its mediocre cosmetic offerings and utterly dreadful progression system — luckily, 343 Industries claim to be on the case after a short (and very well deserved) break.

Halo Infinite, in a truly galaxy brain move by Microsoft, launched a few weeks earlier than initially announced. That surprise launch, combined with its competition’s poor reception, has set Halo Infinite up for success. Many are heralding the game as a true return to form for the franchise, citing its phenomenal level design, fast but weighty movement, and incredible sandbox. But since launch, the one thing that keeps being flagged by players is the progression and cosmetics. Devs have previously stated that fixing progression is a major priority for the team and 343 Industries has released some patches to in-game progression.

Despite the tweaks, the game’s Battle Pass remains incredibly slow, initial customisation options are incredibly limited, and the game’s first event — which began today and rewards a set of samurai themed armour — is extremely demanding of player’s time. The event is made up of 42 challenges for six weeks, seven per week, 30 of which are required to complete the event and receive all 16 cosmetic items — including the distinctive Yoroi armour core. This is a ridiculous time commitment.

Halo Infinite challenges are a bit slow, and the game’s standard progression is already a bit of a drag, so the decision to create a time limited event which requires dozens of completed challenges on a strict schedule is not going over well with the game’s community. The basic argument is that participating in a timed event should be open to more casual players as well, because right now the challenge structure is incredibly hostile to people who only check in with the game occasionally.

In a tweet, Halo Infinite community manager Brian Jarrard said that the team would be hard at work on fixing player progression complaints as soon as possible, but that the team was currently on a post-launch break. In an interview with Eurogamer, Joseph Staten, Head of Creative at 343 Industries, said that progression issues would be relatively easy to fix for the team as opposed to a more structural problem and reminded players that the game was firmly in beta.

Given the game’s surprise launch, growing pains are to be expected and I am, overall, excited for the future of the game. Once the progression woes are alleviated, Halo Infinite may be a very real Game of the Year contender. Until those fixes though, you can still unlock the Yoroi armour with the help of our guide on Kotaku Dot Com.


  • Post launch break? They are still technically in Beta until the 8th of December when the game officially launches.

  • This article (and others like it) need to flag front-and-centre that the multiplayer component is entirely free.

    Kinda silly to point out that it launched early twice and not mention that you dont even need Gamepass (or even XBL) to play it.

    I’m sure 343 are onto it as the progression system is how they’ll be making any money. They do need better things to buy and the system is slow… but i assume it’s also better if you actually put some money into it.

    For now I’m just enjoying the actual game. Im not too worried if the cosmetic trinkets are lacking, i kinda hate grinding for those things anyway.

    • The way the internet has exploded about this is wild. It seems a fair chunk of people are only able to have fun if they are constantly being rewarded with trinkets and watch exp bars fill up.

      Personally I just really enjoy the gameplay (crazy I know) and find reward in doing better and grinding ranked play.

      • The explosion is mostly cause a 2020 interview made promises their would be no grinding, that 100s of hours are not required, and their would be no FOMO seasonal punishment grinds.

        Instead that’s what turned up, a few delayed features, a highly speculative data mine… and the original 2020 interview disappeared off their main website due to site migration in progress.

        Perfect storm. Sure 343 will fix it, but internet rage is faster than latency.

    • Exactly. It’s free.

      I’ve seen comments from people up in arms ranting about there being no reason to play since they can’t unlock anything good for free. The bloody game is free. Play for fun maybe?

    • ” it’s free so you cant complain ” is a take I’d never thought I’d see.

      If battlefield 2042 was free would you say the same about those issues?

      • You cannot seriously compare a fundamentally broken game with complaints about unrealistic cosmetic progression requirements.

        • You cannot proclaim that you aren’t allowed to complain about the game because it’s free.

          Would you say it’s unfair to complain about raid shadow legends because it’s free?

  • Halo 5’s Loot boxes were an infinitely (heh) better system. They absolutely shat those out at you, i didnt play that hardcore and had hundreds of armour pieces, and finishing moves etc.

    These challenge based systems are always cancer. You can only progress some of the time, challenges either get f’ed up by teammates or matches get thrown because people are just trying to do challenges and in this case they reward like 3x too little per challenge.

    Also, this new system screws over anyone who would have paid full price for the ‘full’ game/wants the campaign. We still have to pay that full price. But we get less than usual and have to deal with this scrimping and scrooging online design because everyone else will say “its free quit complaining”.
    Campaign purchasers should get at least the first couple season passes free (if not the whole first year, given how thats only gonna be 3 seasons now, with season 1 doubled in length).

  • Sincerely hoping the cosmetic drama pushes people away from this game. If that’s a major concern for some players, than I’m not sure I would want to play with them.

  • So I don’t know if its getting pointed out very well but the issue in a nutshell….
    – The limited samurai event is only leveled up with special event challenges
    – Unfortunately these challenges share the same list as the regular challenges
    – This means that you are not even guaranteed to have an event challenge to do
    – This also means you need to empty out the regular challenges to get a random chance for the event ones to come up, this requires playing random modes that are not part of the event until you get the one you want
    – Challenges are limited to a certain number per week and then once done the list stays empty until the next week
    – The event is over before the next week challenges starts
    – So you can’t actually progress any more than a few levels into the challenge even if you wanted to

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