Halo Infinite Players Are Already Using The Grappling Hook To Stunt On Their Foes

Halo Infinite Players Are Already Using The Grappling Hook To Stunt On Their Foes

The Halo Infinite multiplayer beta has only been available for a few days and already fans are getting to grips with the grappling hook, one of the game’s best new features. We’ve long been of the opinion that adding a grappling hook to any game automatically improves the experience and, truly, Halo Infinite is so far only proving the rule. We decided to take a quick dive into some of the ways players are putting the grappling hook to use.

1. Getting up close and personal

Beyond rapidly taking perches on the high ground, this is the primary use case for the grappling hook. This is what you’ll find most new players using it for. Hook onto a competing player as they pass and reel yourself in for a sharp melee attack. In most cases, this will be enough to drop their shields and surprise them long enough to bring them down. It’s also extremely powerful as a finishing move. Twitter user NEO_NoiseBomb demonstrates:

2. Hijacking vehicles from a safe distance

Someone trying to run you down in a Warthog or swooping overhead in a Banshee? Grapplejack that jerk.

This is a strategy that is already gaining serious steam because vehicles present a nice big target and most people can hit them. Landing a grapple on a moving vehicle on the driver’s side will allow you to hijack it mid-flight. Perform the same move on the passenger side and you’ll simply hop in. If you’re crafty enough to catch the rear gun on a Warthog, you’ll be able to hop on there too.

Or you can just snatch control of a Pelican right out of the air.

Golf claps. Beautiful work.

Grapplejacks, are, of course, a two-way street. If find yourself grapplejacked and you’re quick, please consider the grapplejack reversal. Here’s Twitter user GojirafanNekozilla dealing a little instant karma:

3. Becoming Spider-Man for big-brain flanks

People are already learning how to manage the grapple’s cooldown to effectively web-sling their way around each level. The primary goal with this emerging strategy is that it positions you for a devastating flank. Chaining the hook’s cooldown such that you can wrap around obstacles at speed and get the drop on your assailants is a thrill. Twitter user RainbowKiri shows us how:

4. Generating enough momentum to fling themselves across the level

Beyond using the grappling hook and its Spider-Man powers for positioning, you can also use it for clearing large distances quickly. Players are still getting the hang of how the grapple can be used to propel players at the top of its arc, but there are those already using it to leap chasms or cross large swaths of map space entirely. Here’s Twitter user @LtWormyy:

5. Keep themselves from falling off the level

This is one we’re seeing a lot of, and it’s a natural use case for the grappling hook in competitive Halo Infinite play. It’s a facet of the Halo experience as old as the series itself: being trapped in a Warthog as the random in the driver’s seat sends it directly over a cliff, killing everyone on board. Except now, with the grapple, you don’t have to die. Use the cooldown effectively and you’ll be able to haul yourself back onto the map in short order. Allow Reddit user JohnShortcut to demonstrate:

It seems 343i has planned for this, expanding the area around the map’s edges to give players room to grapple-climb.

6. Yoinking dropped enemy flags

This is maybe our favourite emerging strategy so far and we haven’t seen many people deploy it yet. Dropped flags in Halo Infinite CTF modes can be yoinked at range using the grappling hook. Here’s Twitter user @CamMRooney doing exactly that:

Beautiful. Maddening. Extremely inventive. We love it.

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