Here’s 15 Minutes Of Elden Ring Gameplay

Here’s 15 Minutes Of Elden Ring Gameplay
Image: FromSoftware

At this point — and you’re well within your rights to still have reservations — it’s becoming pretty difficult to refute that Elden Ring…is real? Today, during a digital showcase, publisher Bandai Namco shows off 15 minutes of the next action-adventure game from FromSoftware. Have a look:

Yes, yes, Elden Ring, which was first announced at E3 2019, technically showed up earlier this year during Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest. After two years of crickets about the game, FromSoft debuted a three-minute trailer. Any fans of the studio’s previous games, like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, were no doubt delighted, as Elden Ring clearly featured those games’ signature cocktail of dark fantasy, gothic mystery, and tough-looking combat. At one point, a horse double-jumped. It ruled.

Following the official release, FromSoft unveiled a bunch of details in a 15-minute clip shown off to press during GamesCom, like the fact that it’ll be an open-world game and feature dynamic weather. (Today’s showcase appears to be the same footage.) But Elden Ring has been largely under wraps since, save for snippets of blurry footage of the game repeatedly leaking, most recently a few weeks ago.

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The game’s fiction is notably written collaboratively between game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones. That series’ sixth mainline novel, The Winds of Winter, has been in the wings — and repeatedly pushed back — for years now, leading some fans to snarkily quip that Elden Ring’s slow road to release is the result of Martin’s association.

Elden Ring is currently scheduled for a PlayStation, Xbox, and PC release on February 25, 2022, pushed back from an original release date of January 21, 2022. Starting November 12, FromSoftware will host a closed technical test (why can’t we just call these things demos?) for the game, but only in the United States.



  • While I was interested in this game when it was initially shown and compared to Dragon’s Dogma, because it is looking more like Dark Souls is very likely it will join my ignore listing. There are very few (if any), enjoyabnle RPG’s being made these days that aren’t farming DLC and have death repeats/losses.

    • No offended intended, but it is a From Software game – they have a successful model and I think a large number of gamers would be disappointed if they deviated wildly from the formula that we’ve come to love. To expect anything radically different to dark souls would be a bit silly.

      I get what you mean though as far as cRPG and similar to there hasn’t been much about since the divinity games, hopefully that changes soon.

      • Good game companies deviate from their standard fair all the time, to great success. They can do so because the quality and vision of their work is so high, and because their player base are open to new adventures. I love From Software but they have gotten far too safe in recently years. Their quality is still high but few chances are being taken.

        • Sekiro is vastly different to their previous games.

          This is far more whimsical, open world, with Mounts in game to traverse. It features a giant map and game play mechanics different to the original FS games.

          It seems like you can cast multiple types of spells pretty quickly whilst still being able to melee.

          From Dark Souls to Sekiro to Elden Ring they’re games of a similar sub-genre that play and showcase differently.

  • As a From fan I was underwhelmed, I am hoping it is less about the game but more the way this video was presented. Personally would have loved to see them take a risk and have innovated more, because this just felt more of the same, just different, or maybe that it is because I am coming from playing Far Cry 6. Which was fun but clearly from a company too scared to trust their audience and shake things you more.

    Hopefully this was just a ‘trick’ of an under-realised gameplay reveal.

    • They’ve switched to open-world and it’s an entirely new IP. Sekiro was also a pretty big departure from their norm. We’re you expecting a From Kart Racer?

      • Maybe a dating simulator where you get caught in a love triangle with Gwyndolin & Solaire, while trying to avoid the advances of the ceaseless discharge

  • Re: GRRM and The Winds of Winter – it’s now 10 years. I don’t think it’s coming. Which is fine – I’d be bored of it too at this point if I were him. Based on an 8 hour working day he would only need to have written 15 words per hour to finish the book (assuming a similar length novel to previous entries). For context this post is 69 words.

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