Konami’s New Soccer Game Continues To Be An Utter Fiasco

Konami’s New Soccer Game Continues To Be An Utter Fiasco

Things aren’t going well for eFootball and keep getting worse. Konami’s Friday news dump cannot bury how bad things are. Right now, this is a complete fiasco.

But it seems like it’s been a complete disaster from the get-go when Konami dropped the PES name in favour of eFootball. The rebranding, though, has been the least of the problems. As Kotaku previously reported, the buggy game earned the distinct dishonor of being the most hated game on Steam. Konami has apologised, but the clusterfuck continues.

Konami does have a track record of making excellent soccer games and is trying to fix eFootball. There just seems a lot that needs repairing. In mid-October, the company announced that an update, version 0.9.1, was scheduled for early November. The update did drop today, but Konami also acknowledged more bugs and glitches for each platform.

Issues include spectator graphics looking “strange” during halftime and postgame sequences, and rare instances of players getting fouls “even though there was no collision.” On the Xbox and Windows versions, there were also error messages for controllers that were in fact properly connected. Konami’s temporary fix for this is to make sure the controller is connected and reboot the game.

“We are currently hard at work on ways to fix or improve all known issues,” wrote Konami in the official announcement. The company stressed that it will continue to fix bugs on each platform and update the game accordingly.

The big news, however, is that Konami is delaying the major v1.0.0 update, which was originally scheduled for November 11. Instead, it will be released in Spring 2022. The update was supposed to include a new mode that let people play with an original team, as well as the addition of eFootball 2022 on iOS and Android. The reason given for the delays is that that team needs more time to make improvements.

“Unfortunately, we have concluded that more time is needed to deliver the product in the quality that will meet the expectations of our users and have decided to postpone the delivery,” wrote Konami. “Also, we have decided to cancel the pre-order for [the] eFootball™ 2022 Premium Player Pack, which includes items that can only be used in-game after the update.”

Konami is not only cancelling all pre-orders for the Premium Player Pack, but also issuing automatic refunds. Konami acknowledged that some time might be required to complete the refunds, which will be made according to each platform’s policy. (No action is required on the player’s part.) What’s more, Konami is considering reintroducing the 2022 Premium Player Pack at a later date after reviewing all the content.

“We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this causes our users and other stakeholders who have been looking forward to this title.”

Launching big games is hard, but this has been uncharacteristically bad. Why not rebrand the game PES 2022 when the v1.0.0 update is released next spring? People have found memories of PES and certainly less so of eFootball.

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