Netflix Devil May Cry Producer Assures World Chris Pratt Isn’t Dante

Netflix Devil May Cry Producer Assures World Chris Pratt Isn’t Dante
Image: Capcom

Adi Shankar, producer on Netflix’s excellent Castlevania series, sat down with IGN Japan to discuss one of his next projects, an animated adaptation of Capcom’s action-heavy Devil May Cry franchise. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like there’s any room for Chris Pratt in the voice cast.

“I can confirm that Vergil is in it, as well as Lady, and of course Dante as well,” Shankar revealed before jokingly adding, “I can also confirm that Chris Pratt won’t be voicing any of the characters.”

Pratt first gained attention portraying loveable doofus Andy Dwyer on NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation prior to taking on the role of Guardians of the Galaxy hero Peter “Star-Lord” Quill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and becoming a mega-star in the process. More recently, Pratt turned heads when it was announced that he will be playing both Mario and Garfield in upcoming films based on the respective properties, which for the last week has put him at the centre of one of social media’s most popular memes.

While some may kid that these two iconic roles going to an American actor are acts of Italophobia (Garfield’s love of lasagna makes him an adopted son of the boot), some say they’ve got reasons to be wary of Pratt’s involvement. Despite his protests to the contrary, Pratt belongs to a church with ties to a notoriously anti-LGBTQ+ organisation, for starters, and once described Hollywood as not making enough room for stories about white men which, lol my dude. It’s also totally valid to just be sick of seeing his face everywhere.

In any case, it sounds as if work on the Devil May Cry series is going smoothly, Pratt-less though it may be.

“The entire [Capcom] team, both from the management side and the creative side, have been so incredibly supportive and gracious,” Shankar told IGN Japan. “[Devil May Cry producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi] has been wonderful. It’s seriously a joy to work with Capcom.”

Devil May Cry will be eight episodes long, but Shankar’s story treatment is meant to span multiple seasons. Apart from the involvement of important characters like Dante, Vergil, and Lady, however, little is known of specific plot details. A release date is still forthcoming as well, but seeing as Shankar only mentioned having the scripts ready at this point, it might be some time before we hear more on that front.

Other video game-related projects on Shankar’s horizon include animated adaptations of Assassin’s Creed, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Hyper Light Drifter, and Far Cry 3 spin-off expansion Blood Dragon, which also means Chris Pratt has several more opportunities to get on the producer’s good side.


  • The amount of salt that Chris gets for voicing *two* characters is pathetic, and rather telling of the jealousy that some have. Yup. Just green eyed envy, and nothing more. No one made comments about the very-non-italian Bill Murray voicing Garfield and he absolutely hated the role.

    • Also worth noting that Kotaku has run interviews with the creators of Mario that have explicitly stated that he isn’t Italian. But I suppose that Italiophobes need their stereotypes to make fun of and so have their knickers in a bunch over it.

    • Its not just two characters as such, his castings generally speaking are reaching an over-saturation point. He tends to be a fun watch, but he has become a lazy go-to actor. Not unlike Harrison Ford in the 80’s, or Nick Cage in the 90’s.

      • I recall there was a small group of actors who were constantly being cast in major films, back in the 1990s/2000’s. Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller, Will Smith too.

        Oversaturation is certainly a major aspect of it, though most articles covering his castings seem to be tinged with veiled or open attacks on aspects of his identity. Like him not being ‘Italian’, so he can’t play an Italian caricature, or his faith.

    • The underlying problem is Mario already has a voice actor, who has been doing it for decades, he is the household world famous Mario… if he doesn’t sound like Mario. Then it alienates viewers.

      Chris Pratt may be a box office star… but Mario is a video box star.

      … then they announced the rest of the cast like a sad joke. It’s a red flag that Hollywood executives have full control and Nintendo have no creative control.

      The silly thing is they could of shot all the meme down in a split second if Pratt came on screen and did a “Its a me, Mario”… but he hasn’t that’s how little confidence they have. His credits don’t have him doing dynamic voice impersonations and the only one who has is the actor doing Toad. It’s going to be jarring to hear Bowser sound like a fat panda.

    • You’re missing the point. As mentioned by others, Pratt voicing Mario isn’t the problem, the problem is Mario has a voice actor who is still very much alive and active (and is actually guest starring in the movie as well). As this is animated there is no reason why Charles can’t do Mario’s voice (and all the other characters he normally does for the Mario franchise).

      This reeks of publicity stunt which is obvious from their entire casting.

  • I hear that the reason the Japanese were regarded as ‘honorary Aryans’ by the Germans was because they were big fans of lederhosen and bratwurst. And put on funny caricatures based on those germanic huns.

    “While some may kid that these two iconic roles going to an American actor are acts of Italophobia (Garfield’s love of lasagna makes him an adopted son of the boot).”

    Ian, lol my dude, you’re coming off as the italophobe here by reducing cultures to stereotypes. Ever notice how it’s predominantly non-Italians getting pissy over the fact that Mario isn’t going to be played as an Italian stereotype by an Italian actor?

  • The silliest thing for me it was only the English actors, the clique that Hollywood thinks Box Office names are needed to sell an animated movie on the West is hilariously bad… especially since I am guessing all the foreign language dubs will be using the original voice actors for their region.

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