New Netflix Reality Show Might Make Pokemon Cards Expensive And Unattainable Again

New Netflix Reality Show Might Make Pokemon Cards Expensive And Unattainable Again
Image: Ken Goldin / Goldin Auctions

Netflix is coming for your most valuable Pokemon cards.

After the success of Netflix reality shows like The Circle, it’s no surprise the streaming giant is delving deeper into the genre with plans to bring in a new series made by Pawn Stars producer Brett Montgomery.

The Pawn Stars producer recently made a deal with Netflix to produce a show surrounding trading cards and sport collectibles featuring Ken Goldin and his company, Goldin Auctions.

You might’ve heard of Goldin from his work in the Pokémon TCG world, be it his work with “multi-talented” influencer Logan Paul and rapper Logic, or his company’s record-breaking sale of a 1st Edition PSA 10 Charizard card.

In an interview with PokeBeach, Goldin confirmed Pokemon cards would be featured in the Netflix show, and further encouraged fans to send in photos of valuable cards or TCG items that they would want to sell to a production email. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t look like The Pokémon Company is involved with the show.

However, Pokemon fans have raised concerns the show may have negative effects on the market, such as price inflation and supply shortages.

Considering the card game’s recent history in the collectibles market, it’s hard to say whether or not the release of this series will have a significant or lasting effect on the Pokemon TCG world. Hey, maybe it’s time to track down that kid you went to primary school with and beg him for your old cards that you traded for a Hot Wheels car back.


  • It’s very likely the recent events in the trading card market were the very reason the show was dreamed up in the first place.

  • FFS, I just like casually collecting these with my kids. We’ve been collecting the big first partner sets and they’ve started to get hard to find. I’ve gone to the trouble of pre ordering the last 2 sets.

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