The Orion Up-Switch Upgrades Your Switch Into An iPad

The Orion Up-Switch Upgrades Your Switch Into An iPad

After the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED, the demand for upgrades has never been higher. Complaints around the hardware arose after launch, with some amended post-release and others still being ‘worked on‘. However, the one aspect of the Switch that could be considered foundational is its size. It’s big enough to see but small enough to carry around. The Switch OLED upgrades the unit to a bigger, crisper screen, but was it enough? I suppose not.

The Orion, a new Switch accessory by Up-Switch, was pitched to the world in August but is gaining traction again after its Indiegogo campaign launched last week. At the time of writing, the campaign has amassed over AU$100k from backers. As a result, Up-Switch is now building the prototype of its final product. So what’s it all about?

According to the campaign,

Ever since the release of the Nintendo Switch®, more than 80 million gamers globally have made gaming on the go a huge part of their daily ritual. Unfortunately, many of these gamers also believe that this handheld gaming experience is a bit underwhelming because of the miniscule size of the current Nintendo Switch® screen. That’s why the team at Up-Switch created the all-new ORION™ for gamers craving a larger and more immersive gaming experience without giving up portability. By increasing your actual gaming screen size by 188% and upgrading your audio experience with the integrated stereo speakers, your Nintendo Switch® combined with ORION will deliver the gaming experience that every gamer deserves! 

Beyond the screen upgrades, I will admit that the Orion Up Switch has some pretty neat extra features. The addition of integrated stereo speakers and a portable battery to boost battery life is very cool. The decision to put the USB-C charger on the side of the console rather than the bottom is a welcome change. Fans have long maligned the inability to charge the Switch in tabletop mode.

It’s definitely a cool concept with a lot of perks and will appease players that are looking for upgrades to their Switch screen. Mobile compatibility is a great box feature, but the Orion is aimed squarely at the Switch. The marketing of this accessory as a mobile/portable option is a bit of a head-scratcher considering it’s quite hefty and the Switch is… already portable. Regardless, there’s clearly enough interest for Up-Switch to begin production. We watch with interest.

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