Flying Cars And Disappearing Windscreens: Our Favourite Bugs From The GTA Trilogy Remaster

Flying Cars And Disappearing Windscreens: Our Favourite Bugs From The GTA Trilogy Remaster

The release and subsequent roasting of Rockstar’s GTA Trilogy is seeming to give Cyberpunk 2077’s bug fuelled launch a run for their money. At least CD Project Red decided to hire the modders that were fixing and adding to its game, rather than suing them.

There’s plenty of stories about Take-Two and Rockstar’s current escapades when it comes to the GTA Trilogy, which you can browse here.

However, I want to use this opportunity to have a look at some of the goofiest bugs and glitches that players have come across while playing the GTA Trilogy. I also want to make it clear that while these bugs are very funny to me, that’s not to say that there are no positives when it comes to the remastered trilogy. There are some truly beautiful-looking parts of the remasters but these smashing renders look somewhat out of place when comparing them to the incredibly jarring character redesigns.

GTA Trilogy bugs
Image: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Definitive Edition / Rockstar | Her …


The Carcopters

Wiggle To Grow Larger

Work It

There’s Strength In Numbers

Sometimes rats will come together in a large group to join forces and function as a giant Rat King. The Rat King is much more powerful than the average rat. This is kind of like that.

POV: You Are About To Kiss CJ

Christine (1983)

And For My Next Trick, I Will Make This Windscreen Disappear

A Salad Fingers Reference In 2021, The Current Year

And last, but certainly not least…

The God Damn Rain

Did I miss any GTA Trilogy bugs that you think are bonkers? Let us know!


    • I was getting close to adding this one but realised it was less of a bug and more of a Really Stupid Remastering Decision That Completely Missed The Point

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