Please Enjoy A Website That Reads Steam Reviews To You

Please Enjoy A Website That Reads Steam Reviews To You
Image: Review Reader

Review Reader is a very fun website that lets you punch in any Steam game you want and have some of its user reviews read aloud to you by the soothing sounds of a text-to-speech program.

The site — thanks PC Gamer — is lovely to use for two reasons. One, its minimal presentation makes it very easy on the eyes. And two, it keeps things interesting by mixing up the program each time you click, giving you a different voice every time you hear someone say “played 200 hours, asked for refund”.

Because I only enjoy reading one type of Steam user review, the first game I punched in was Battlefield 2042, and was presented with stuff like:

Unfinished pile of garbage, they are taking us for morons. This game is an insult to the franchise.

I bought the $US110 (A$154) version of the game I played it for 2 days the went to go long on the 3rd day after finishing up a paper then im greeted by a message of you’re banned I go to EAs website to find out I was apparently cheating. Later I found out it was a false positive ban and was Razer Synapse that caused it. Went to go appeal for a ban but thats never going to happen. So i basically got $US110 (A$154) stolen from me thanks EA ♥♥♥♥ you

Which seem “normal” (or at least expected) as you’re reading them, right? Only now they sound like they’re being read to you by clippy bartender droids in the Star Wars universe, with the highlight being the inclusion of the overall rating at the end of every one. “Blah blah blah robot voice talking about how utterly disappointed they are…thumbs down”.

In addition to Steam reviews, the site will also read you App Store reviews as well if that’s your thing. You can check it out here.

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