Sea Of Thieves Season Five Update Makes Significant Quality Of Life Changes

Sea Of Thieves Season Five Update Makes Significant Quality Of Life Changes

After teasing certain new additions over the last week, Sea of Thieves has lifted the lid on its forthcoming Season Five update.

The new season is largely built around a Christmas and New Year holiday theme. Players can load their ship’s cannons with fireworks purchased from the Merchant Alliance and set them off at night to create a party atmosphere. There’s a new battle pass with 100 levels of loot and currency to earn, and a paid Plunder Pass if you’d like some extra goodies as you climb the ladder.

And these are all fine additions, exactly what we’ve come to expect in the game since it moved to a seasonal model. But it’s the little things that Sea of Thieves is adding in Season Five that make it a noteworthy update.

Season Five is making numerous quality-of-life updates to Sea of Thieves. Take, for instance, the addition of mice that now live in your ship’s bilge. These mice will scurry about the lower decks, and will start to climb to higher ground if the hull begins filling up with water. SoT already has audio cues to let you know that your ship is filling with water, but if you’re hard of hearing or in the heat of battle, they can go unnoticed. This simple visual cue tells you that there’s water down below.

Speaking of audio cues, players can also now flip the speaking trumpet around to whisper to each other. While the speaking trumpet’s default position will still amplify your voice, turning it around will shrink your voice on open comms. This will allow sneaky pirates on open crews to more easily converse with each other in an open-mic situation.

A Take All button has been added to supply barrels while carrying a Storage Crate. Those who wish to simply whip around an island for a fast supply run can now do without ever having to open a barrel. Hop off, fill up, get back on your boat.

Players can now bury any loot they have onboard their ship. Burying loot automatically generates a treasure map with its location for the player to hold onto. If you’re logging off, this map can be pinned to the new Mission Board on the dock at each outpost. If another crew pick up your map and turns in your loot, you’ll receive their full gold value and some doubloons the next time you log in.

As we spoke about in the cannon rowboat piece last week, these are the kinds of small changes that have a huge impact on the way players interact with Sea of Thieves. They change timings, they change strategies, and they change the mind game when engaging with other pirates on the seas. We look forward to seeing how the community will use these new changes to their advantage.

Sea of Thieves Season Five begins December 2.


  • That storage crate one could have been the only update for the whole season and it would still be a great season, hot diggity.
    I don’t think fireworks are as practically useful as the video might imply but we’ll see. I wonder what the range is on those. Can I see them from many map squares away; a beck and call for any would-be scoundrels?
    It’ll be interesting to see how the burying/map quests work out. I’m going to bury a bunch of treasures in the shape of a dick.

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