Take-Two Cancels Unannounced $71 Million Dollar Game By Hangar 13

Take-Two Cancels Unannounced $71 Million Dollar Game By Hangar 13
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Take-Two revealed in its earnings call today with investors that it had cancelled a $US53 ($AU71) million unannounced project. Sources tell Kotaku that game was intended to be a live service, third-person action game in the vein of Destiny, developed by Hangar 13 called Volt. The decision to cancel it took some developers at the studio by surprise, and comes with worries about possible layoffs.

“While the Hangar 13 name and Volt’s working title are not being shared publicly, T2 is announcing today that 2K had made the difficult decision to stop developing on the project,” studio head and founder, Haden Blackman, wrote in an email to staff, according to a copy viewed by Kotaku. “I know this likely comes as a shock, but I wanted you to hear it from me first and provide some context.”

Blackman wrote that despite high tests internally, Take-Two had determined the costs of development amidst the current “industry challenges” would make it “commercially unviable.”

“We are confident that there are many opportunities for H13 employees to work on other games in development, both at H13 and across the label,” he wrote. “2K has also assured me that the company believes H13 can deliver a critical and commercial success, and we will begin developing future projects soon.”

As first reported by Bloomberg, Volt had been in development since 2017, and gone through different iterations. Sources told Kotaku that one of the unique aspects of the three-player coop game was tech that could see enemies combine together into more challenging foes. The action was described as arcadey, with tank, healer, and DPS roles, and lots of traversal. The code name was short for Voltron.

The project’s cancellation affects close to 200 people, sources told Kotaku.


  • Probably not my jam anyhow, but from what little description there is it sounds really gimmicky to me.

    Trying to get three friends to cooperate with good voice-comms is hard enough, let alone three pubs coordinating a merge into some kind of transformers/beast thing? And good luck getting anyone in your average group of three randoms to take on the healer role.

  • Translation: Live service games aren’t turning out to be the money printer we thought they were back when we started them developing this game, so we’re cutting our losses before this ruins our rep.

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