Talk Amongst Yourselves

Talk Amongst Yourselves

Welcome to another Talk Amongst Yourselves, a home for Kotaku Aussie readers to chat about anything and everything. Ask us questions in the comments. Get recommendations on new indie or AAA games! Rant about something at work, or have a whine about Windows updates. Whatever you prefer, drop a comment in here and you’ll find a friend.


    • Bought two baby car seats, a printer, and garage keys, that’s it

      Months ago I bookmarked multiple PC parts from Umart, items from Super Cheap Auto, BCF, Amazon, and Dyson, and NONE of them are discounted

      Actually there are some tricky ones, like the items I wanted from Umart have the exact same price as months ago, but next to the price now is a little number that says it’s oh-so-much off the RRP, so it looks like a discount, but the number hasn’t changed

      Last years Black Friday was way better than this years

      • Ugh, that pisses me off. I wanted a new headset, as mine is starting to crackle when it knock the mute button. I wanted a wireless one. The lady kept trying to sell me a logitech one, which was way over what I was expecting to pay. It also wasn’t on a discount. I was kind of miffed cause a lot of stuff was on discount, but LG stuff wasn’t?

  • This article:
    This is basically the end for me. Over the past few years of being on these websites, I’ve watched them slowly eat away at the community aspect by removing the ability to comment on articles, removing the ability to view people’s profiles, and even your own comment history. And AFAICT, there is no way to delete your profile.

    Now we are getting drinking advertisements. So I’m done. I’ve unsubscribed from my emails, I’ve told Google news to stop showing kotaku articles and I’ve requested a copy of all personal data Pedestrian group has on me. For over ten years (closer to 15?) I’ve been on this website almost daily. Now, I’ll just have to use something else.

    Goodbye kotaku, et al.

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