Witness The Firepower Of Halo Infinite’s Fully Armed And Operational Tank Hog Mods

Witness The Firepower Of Halo Infinite’s Fully Armed And Operational Tank Hog Mods

There’s a growing mods scene within Halo Infinite community and players are absolutely loving it. They’re loving it so much, they’re creating Frankenstein’s Monsters from the game’s motor pool. Behold its latest creation, the Tank Hog.

Created by veteran modder Gamecheat13, the Tank Hog is exactly what it sounds like — it’s a Warthog with the turret of a Scorpion tank strapped to the back. The result is … well, see for yourself.

Magisterial, I think you’ll agree.

The Tank Hog would be overpowered with just the inclusion of the turret, but this is the Halo community. We have to go bigger. The Tank Hog appears to suffer no penalties to its movement and is able to zip around as quickly as ever. There’s also no recoil whatsoever when firing said massive turret. Combining these three factors creates the deadliest weapon in Halo Infinite bar none. All the maneuverability of the Warthog, the raw power of the Scorpion tank, and no recoil to knock you out of position.

The Halo community has long experimented with vehicle modifications. Modders have recently given players control of both the Pelican and Phantom dropships, vehicles that are not available to players in the game. We look forward to seeing what they can do with the Banshees.

Modders like Twitter’s Jason Lamb have discovered weird idiosyncrasies within the game’s code, like the fact that its open logos are a simple video file hardcoded to play on launch. That video file can be replaced with any video you like, of any length, including the entirety of 1998’s Batman and Robin.

The Halo Infinite mods scene will only grow as the game ages. We can’t wait to see what they come up with.

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