The Best PlayStations Were Beat To Hell

The Best PlayStations Were Beat To Hell

I remember the first PlayStation I ever had wasn’t even really mine, it was one that me and a bunch of guys I was living with in England had bought and shared. And while it worked, it was also in the worst shape imaginable, covered in stickers and chip dust and beer stains and God knows what else.

Fast forward a few decades and, having worked at this website for so damn long, I’ve gotten used to the only PlayStation console I see these days being the one from the Wikipedia page, all pristine and spotless and looking like it had just been taken out of the box. That’s not what actual 90s PlayStations looked like! They looked like shit!

So it was lovely visiting ArtStation today and seeing the work of environment artist Luke Hewitt, whose recreation of a used and well-loved PlayStation is exactly how I remember my first one. The stickers, the grime, the filthy memory cards, it’s all perfect.

You can see more of Luke’s stuff at his ArtStation page.


  • I remember my ps1 would only work in its final years of it was upside down, and then finally the discs would only load it you opened the tray and started the disc spinning before quickly closing! Good ol times. It took 12 year old me a while to work out those air vents were on the bottom

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