Three Days Later, Remastered GTA Trilogy Still Unplayable On PC Even If You Bought It

Three Days Later, Remastered GTA Trilogy Still Unplayable On PC Even If You Bought It
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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition was released on November 11 on all major platforms including the Switch. However, for folks who bought the game on PC, they’ve been unable to play the game since just shortly after it was released. Now three days later, fans are still unable to access the game they bought days ago with no update from Rockstar on when the GTA Trilogy will become playable again.

The remastered Grand Theft Auto trilogy has had a very, very rocky launch, with players across all platforms reporting various graphical bugs, gameplay glitches, and other annoying changes and tweaks to the classic PS2-era games. But while players on Xbox One or PS5 or Switch are dealing with annoying bugs and odd visual problems, players on PC are left unable to play any of the games included in the collection.

Shortly after the games launched on PC on November 11, Rockstar yanked them from the store while the Rockstar Games PC Launcher collapsed, rendering other Rockstar titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 unplayable for many. After 18+ hours of downtime, the launcher came back online late in the day on November 12, but Rockstar explained that the remastered GTA Trilogy would remain unplayable.

Now three days after launch, it’s still missing from the game’s official store page, meaning nobody can buy it on PC right now as the game didn’t launch on Steam, only Rockstar’s store. Also, if you did buy it, you still can’t play it because it requires an internet connection via the Rockstar Games Launcher.

Rockstar has been extremely quiet about the whole situation. Its official support account on Twitter hasn’t tweeted in nearly a day and the last actual update on the situation came via a tweet on November 12.

According to Rockstar via that last update, the reason the remastered GTA games remain unplayable is that the company is currently removing files that were “unintentionally included in these versions.” No word on what files are being removed, though many speculate it could be all the unlicensed songs hanging out in San Andreas’s code. Or perhaps it’s all the dev comments and leftover bits of the infamous “Hot Coffee” sex mini-game code dataminers have found in the collection.

As you might expect this has led to a lot of frustration and many, many refund requests. Even though the remasted collection hasn’t been receiving much in the way of positive praise and is a bit of a mess, players still spent $US60 ($82) on these games (which are entirely singleplayer and don’t have any online gameplay, BTW) and now three days later they still can’t play them.

One assumes Rockstar and the devs behind the remasters, Grove Street Games, are working hard to get these games back on the PC launcher. Until then, I’d suggest players go buy the classic games on Steam while they wait for these remasters to come back, but Rockstar yanked those already. So… I guess play GTA V?


  • I’ve submitted multiple tickets to get refund for 4 days and the only part they reply to is the initial reply asking for me to reply via my email to confirm it’s actually me that wants the refund. Then after that, nothing. Rockstar / Take Two have really dropped the ball with this…. I’m livid that I might have to go to the ACCC over 90.00 and waste anymore time over this. -_-

    • Lodged a dispute with Paypal after remembering that’s how I paid. Let’s see if Rockstar tries to ban my account now for requesting a refund that legally I’m obliged to.

      • After 10 messages requesting a refund and I don’t want the game even when it comes out, got this reply –


        Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has been updated and is once again available through the Rockstar Games Launcher for play and purchase. We are also working to improve and update overall performance as we move forward.

        We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

        If you would still like a refund or if you have any other issues, please let us know.

        Best regards,
        Rockstar Support

        to which I replied very politely something along the lines of “AS MENTIONED I DONT WANT THE GAME ANYMORE, REFUND MY DAMN MONEY!” – they obviously stalled the refunds hoping that people wouldn’t want it back after they were given the game. Obviously haven’t counted on the fact that gamers have a long memory + the bad reviews / reception the game is getting as a buggy mess.

          • Jokes on them. The corn on the turd is my favourite bit.

            All jokes aside, they lost me when I spent a day on Friday uninstalling and reinstalling the launcher trying to get it to work on my laptop. Early days there were no messages on what was going on so I assumed my launcher issues were the generic ones that occur. Wasn’t until I was at home on my desktop and it still wasn’t working that I found out there was another issue afoot.

            This shows why they shouldn’t have their own launcher. Greedy mofos should just use Steam and be grateful they have access to a platform that wasn’t made by a grad student.

  • Why is it taking so long?

    I’m just imagining Rockstar standing over a single computer monitor with Wayne Knight on screen going, “Ah ah ah, you didn’t say the magic word, ah ah ah”

    • Because the game is a Frankenstein’s monster of bad decisions, half arsed quick fixes, shoddy patchwork and an absolute disregard for quality and oversight.

      Modders have already begrudgingly started fixing a lot of the problems while Rockstar pretends modders are the real problem.

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