Ubisoft Pulls Far Cry 6 Mission Released Early By ‘Accident’

Ubisoft Pulls Far Cry 6 Mission Released Early By ‘Accident’

Far Cry 6 has only been out for a month now and the game is already doling out some downloadable content, but not intentionally. Ubisoft recently admitted it pushed out a free DLC mission with star Danny Trejo before it was slated to arrive in December. Now, with a new update on consoles, the publisher has pulled the mission from the game, saying it was “accidentally released too early.”

The mission sees Danny Trejo putting together some tacos. Because this is a shooty-shooty-bang-bang game, you must defend Trejo from “jerks” and the Cuban government as he cooks. It’s one of three crossover missions as part of Far Cry 6‘s roadmap. It launches next month, with the other two, Rambo and Stranger Things, coming in February and March 2022, respectively.

As part of Title Update 2, an Ubisoft community manager under the handle UbiKoality said the Dani & Danny vs Everybody mission came too soon. The company removed it so players can check out the “final version” in the future, suggesting that the mission players are running right now (like YouTuber JorRaptor did) may not be the exact version Ubisoft intends to add to the game.

Title Update 2 does a number of things for Far Cry 6, other than just removing the Dani & Danny vs Everybody mission. There are quality-of-life changes, like making the title sequence skippable and updating the colorblind mode. There are bug fixes as well, including ironing out issues with looping deaths.

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The update is also pretty huge, at least on PlayStation consoles, where it weighs between 49 and 60 GB on PS4 and roughly 90 GB on PS5. Xbox players have it a little lighter, with the update coming in between 13 and 19 GB on Xbox One and between 14 and 20 GB on Xbox Series X|S. Though not on PC yet, PC players can expect the update to sit at 54 GB. It gets larger on PC thanks to the 47 GB HD Texture Pack, putting it at about 101 GB in total.

Ubisoft has been making headlines for months now, especially in light of a public reckoning with allegations of workplace harassment and sexual misconduct. The company said things have changed, but interviews with several current and former employees state things remain more or less the same. More recently, Far Cry 6 was in the news after players reported they were being nagged by the game into playing it more.

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