What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Friends and loved ones: the weekend.

What’s on for the weekend? Got any games you plan to chew through?

For me, I think it’s mostly going to be Halo Infinite multiplayer (and keep an eye out for an important Halo piece on that going up here on Kotaku AU later tonight). Gotta grind up that XP while the servers are hot, you know? We understand there’s a patch coming this weekend to make that process easier. The question then becomes, if you decrease the difficulty of the challenges to allow for greater XP farming, can they still be thought of as challenges? Dont’ answer that, it’s late on a Friday and I’m almost certainly overthinking it.

I’m also hoping dive back into Microsoft Flight Simulator this weekend. Beyond the Game of the Year content drop, I’ve noticed that jets and helicopters are finally starting to make their way into the game and, well, I have to know. And the Jeddah track dropped in F1 2021?? I’m kind of in technical vehicle sim heaven over here.

I also noticed Riders Republic copped a Black Friday discount on the PlayStation store so maybe now’s a good time to grab that. That seemed like a hoot. If you’ve dug into it since launch, let me know how you found it!

Anyway, that’s me for the weekend! What’s on your To-Play list? Fill us in in the comments!

Stay safe, have a great weekend and, of course, GLHF. We’ll see you Monday.


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