12 Adorable Games Announced At Wholesome Snack 2021

12 Adorable Games Announced At Wholesome Snack 2021
Image: Wholesome Games

Wholesome Games has returned for its second year of the mini-Direct known as the Wholesome Snack showcase, giving us a sneak peek at a bunch of lovely upcoming titles.

The Wholesome Games team (which has garnered criticism in the past for being … wholesome?) has rustled up 12 exciting new games to show off to those eager to get their grubby little mitts on some very sweet wish fulfilment simulators (‘those’ being ‘me’), so why don’t we take a look at what they’ve got?

A Garden Witch’s Life

Image: A Garden Witch’s Life/Freetime Studio

Oh no, you lost your job! Don’t worry though, because everything is immediately fine once you move to a small town and build your new life in a vacant witch’s house.

A Garden Witch’s Life is a charming magical twist in the farming simulator genre from FreetimeStudio. It recalls the mysticism of earlier Harvest Moon titles while embracing the art style of later games like A Wonderful Life for the Gamecube. In saying that, this title definitely looks like it’ll be a favourite of the Harvest Moon/Animal Crossing crowd.


Namra Games
Image: Aka/Namra Games

Recently, I went to the zoo where they had a new capybara enclosure and when I saw them, I started sobbing because they were so ‘chill and fat’. I almost felt myself getting the same response from Aka‘s trailer showing that you can nap on the back of a giant capybara.

Aka from Namra Games is a small open-world adventure game where you are a red panda trying to find inner peace by connecting with all sorts of interesting creatures as well as reconnecting with yourself and your roots. There seems to be a lot of little things to do in the game such as farming, building, interactions and quests, but from the looks of the trailer, they don’t seem too overwhelming which is perfect for a nice chill experience akin to A Short Hike. Speaking of…

A Short Hike (for PS4/5 and Xbox)


Image: A Short Hike/adamgyru

Now, wait just a darn second… A Short Hike is already out! We’ve seen this on Wholesome Snack before! Why is it here?

It’s here because it’s coming out on Playstation and Xbox, that’s why! From November 16th, A Short Hike will be available to purchase on the Playstation and Xbox stores, while also boasting the option to switch the game into 4K resolution (if that’s what you’re into).

Trading Time: A Croak Tale

Image: Trading Time: A Croak Tale/Half Past Yellow

Picture this: you are Tom Hanks in Castaway. You find yourself on an island unknown to you. Now completely mess with this thought so that it isn’t really like Castaway at all and the island you end up on is inhabited by kind frogs. Wilson is not present.

Trading Time: A Croak Tale from Half Past Yellow is an action-adventure game filled with all sorts of slimey characters. You’ll be exploring the island sandbox, solving puzzles all over the island, running, jumping, and gliding your way around, and picking up bits and bobs that might lead to unlocking bigger and bigger things.

The prologue of Trading Time: A Croak Tale is free to play on Steam so you can try it out now!


Image: NAIAD/HiWarp

This game looks like the artistic embodiment of what a little kid pictures when they’re swimming with their cousin and they decide to propose the idea of “playing mermaids”.

NAIAD from developer HiWarp is a peaceful exploration game that finds you flowing down a mysterious river to discover the little secrets of all the flora and fauna that reside through it. With a mystical art style and dreamy pace, NAIAD sets itself apart as an experience of colour, nature, and peace.

Mail Time

Image: Mail Time/Kela van der Deijl


Mail Time by Kela van der Deijl is a darling light-platformer adventure game where you play a new Mail Scout that must deliver letters to a colourful cast of characters. It’s a cozy cottagecore adventure with vast character customisation, a gorgeous-looking map, collectables out the wazoo, and a go-at-your-own-pace attitude.

The Spirit & The Mouse

Image: The Spirit & The Mouse/Alblune

If you have ever wondered what the film Ratatouille would’ve been like if Remy were a magical electrician, look no further that The Spirit & The Mouse from Alblune.

The Spirit & The Mouse, which was announced at last year’s Wholesome Direct is coming in hot with a new gameplay trailer, giving us a look at just how you, the mouse, can enter power boxes without frying to death. The French-inspired soundtrack and unique art style is making me go ooh la-lah, as the French say.

The Ranch of Rivershine

Image: The Ranch of Rivershine/Éloïse Laroche

I respect horses, I think they are majestic creatures with incredible strength, but in the same breath I also fear them. Regardless, I remember playing a Mary Kate & Ashley horseriding game as a kid and even a little bit of Horsez and going absolutely buckwild over them (plus I made sure to unlock Epona in Ocarina of Time as soon as I possibly could because fuck running across Hyrule Field that whole time). If you felt like there’s been a gap in the horse games market, then get ready for this beauty.

The Ranch of Rivershine by Éloïse Laroche is a horse girl’s dream, a gorgeously-designed take on the virtual horseriding genre that sees you building your very own ranch and caring for multiple horses. You’ll also participate in cross-country competitions and make friends with the village townspeople to make your horse ranch the best it can be.

Mushi Come Home

Image: Mushi Come Home/SomeHumbleOnion

Jenny Windom, who presents the Wholesome Snack, looks through the screen and into my eyes and asks me, “Want to help a tiny little mushroom find its way home?”. Of course I do, Jenny. Obviously, I want to help a tiny little mushroom find its way home, I’m not a monster.

Mushi Come Home by SomeHumbleOnion puts you in the cap of a little mushroom who’s lost in the big woods, and must explore unique areas, chat to the forest inhabitants, and take on different adventures to find the way back home. There’s no time limits, no game overs, and no pressure in this title, just please help this tiny little mushroom find its way home.

River Tails: Stronger Together

Image: River Tails: Stronger Together/Kid Onion Studio

We all love to see unlikely animal friends. Y’know, the ones where you’d assume the larger one would simply kill and eat the smaller one? We love to see them be friends, and love it even more when they work together.

River Tails: Stronger Together from Kid Onion Studio is a 3D platform action-adventure game that can be played on your own OR with a friend using local co-op! I personally love seeing local co-op games coming out in this day and age, and this asymmetrical co-op system looks like a real interesting treat. You can check the demo out here.

Paradise Marsh

Image: Paradise Marsh/LazyEti

Imagine if Animal Crossing had the fishing, bugcatching, stargazing, and exploring but didn’t have the crippling debt or some hippopotamus trying to give you a wrestling outfit you didn’t want.

Paradise Marsh by LazyEti whisks you away to a perfect endless marsh where you, equipped with your bug net and journal, will collect bugs, frogs, wild flowers, lost poems and more while discovering constellations and giving out a helping hand along the way.

Little Kitty, Big City

Gif: Little Kitty, Big City
Image: Little Kitty, Big City/Double Dagger Studio

I wrote a big ol’ bit about this title already because I am TOO FREAKIN’ EXCITED to be a SILLY LITTLE CAT doing SILLY LITTLE THINGS.

And that’s it! Which title are you most excited for? Let us know!

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