World Of Tanks Blitz APAC Cup Championship: How To Watch The Action Tonight

World Of Tanks Blitz APAC Cup Championship: How To Watch The Action Tonight
Screenshot: Supplied, World of Tanks Blitz

The World of Tanks Blitz APAC Cup kicks off tonight. The four best teams in the region will fight for a championship and a piece of the $US200,000 global prize pool.

FEAST, Uprising, Rote Nova, and TEAM ID are the four teams competing in the Blitz APAC Cup. Uprising is the local team, with half its roster made up of ANZ talent. New Zealand’s whereGG leads Uprising, with Tank_Pro7, nuggies_n_fries, _Legacy_, and M4XDRV all hailing from Australia. The rest of the team come from all over the APAC region — _DesertRose_ from Cambodia, b_AFK from China, 57_Pixels from Malaysia, and Milkshake and t3mpo both from Singapore.

Uprising was formed following the Blitz Twister Cup in 2018, and have competed in many World of Tanks Blitz tournaments since. They took prizes in the Spring and Summer season championships earlier this year.

The Blitz APAC Cup prize include real cash winnings and a pile of in-game rewards. Here’s the breakdown.

1st place: $US25,000 (AU$33517), 10 million credits, 24,000 gold, 200,000 free XP, and a unique clan logo
2nd place: $US15,000 (AU$20,110), 8 million credits, 18,000 gold, 170,000 free XP, and a unique clan logo
3rd place: $US7,000 (AU$9384), 7 million credits, 14,000 gold, 130,000 free XP, and a unique clan logo
4th place: $US3,000 (AU$4022), 6 million credits, 12,000 gold, 100,000 free XP

World of Tanks Blitz is a sister title to the popular, free-to-play World of Tanks. It’s all about short, fast, loud 7v7 matches that pit highly mobile, highly dangerous tanks against one another. While a strong team strategy is key, matches are hard-fought and lightning-fast. The result is a pretty entertaining spectator sport if we do say so ourselves.

The competition’s primary game system will be Double Elimination. Tonight, the first upper bracket will play on Canal, Mayan Ruins, Naval Frontier, and Yukon maps. The lower bracket plays on  Port Bay, Black Goldville, Alpenstadt, and Winter Malinovka. Tomorrow night, November 5, will play out the Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket Finals in a best-of-seven format before moving to the Grand Final in a best-of-nine.

Those who tune into the stream can also earn rewards throughout the tournament. Those who get involved and cheer on their favourite teams will receive warpaints, avatars, and premium accounts among other items. Everyone who tunes in will also have the chance to win one of three prized tanks for use in the game — the Action X, Centurion Mk. 5/1 or the Progetto 46. You’ll have to watch the broadcast via the World of Tanks Blitz website if you want the rewards — watching on YouTube or via Nintendo Switch will not grant rewards.

The live stream goes up at 9:45 p.m. AEDT tonight, November 4, with kickoff set for 10 p.m. AEDT. You can support the boys live via the official World of Tanks Blitz website and YouTube. The competition runs from November 4 to 5.

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