Animal Crossing Nude Horizons Glitch Has Villagers Go Naked

Animal Crossing Nude Horizons Glitch Has Villagers Go Naked

Thanks to a glitch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, K.K. Slider isn’t the only nudist in the game.

As spotted by Polygon, players have discovered that their villagers are walking around in their fuzzy birthday suits, without a care in the world. While the cause for the glitch is unknown, multiple postings on Twitter and Reddit suggest the epicentre for garmentless villagers is The Roost, an unlockable area in the game’s paid DLC, Happy Home Paradise. Must be the pigeon milk Brewster is putting in the coffee.

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The earliest account of the nude glitch dates back to November 9, four days after Happy Home Paradise DLC released. Despite Happy Home Paradise being the last major expansion for ACNH, Nintendo has said that it still plans on supporting the game through “small changes,” updating seasonal events, alongside fixing bugs in the game. However, Nintendo has yet to address the glitch or announce that a fix is underway. Kotaku reached out to Nintendo to ask if a fix is on the way, but we didn’t hear back by the time of publication. Let nudism reign.

Despite cheeky redditors on the r/AnimalCrossing subreddit tagging posts as NSFW, luckily the nudity on display reveals just the cute, fur-covered animals, rather than anything risque. A big part of ACNH is dressing characters up, so players might as well take this as an opportunity to roleplay as a stylist, reforming villagers from their nudist ways.

I found it pretty hilarious that at The Roost, villagers who moonlight as servers will also partake in the au naturel look while on their shift. Who would’ve thought ACNH would have a red light district, and that it would be set in the wings of a museum of all places. Puritanical players might want to avoid inviting ACNH’s villagers for a cup of coffee at The Roost anytime soon.

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