Axe-Wielding Man Locked People Inside Arcade, Smashed Games In Two-Day Rampage

Axe-Wielding Man Locked People Inside Arcade, Smashed Games In Two-Day Rampage
Not the Darkstalkers machine! (Photo: Sea Cave)

On the evening of Sunday, December 14 a patron of the Sea Cave Arcade and Bar in the Bywater neighbourhood of New Orleans allegedly began covering a vintage arcade cabinet with stickers from a supermarket price gun. When arcade owner Judah Lea asked him to leave, the customer responded by asking if he was “interested in dying.” That was the beginning of a really fucked-up night at the Sea Cave.

As reported by, the customer, who goes by the name “The Wolf,” was a relatively new member of the Sea Cave who had already developed a reputation for being rude and making other patrons uncomfortable. After the initial confrontation, Lea refunded The Wolf’s membership fee and kicked him out. Out in the parking lot, The Wolf brandished a butterfly knife — the official knife of someone trying to look cool — and mentioned owning an assault rifle before leaving at around 7:30 p.m.

A half-hour later he returned and allegedly locked the arcade’s front doors with a bicycle lock, trapping customers and employees inside. Then he started smashing windows, sending glass flying everywhere.

Barely any glass was left unbroken.  (Photo: Sea Cave) Barely any glass was left unbroken. (Photo: Sea Cave)

The employees and customers escaped through the back door. They called police, but by the time they arrived, The Wolf had already fled.

Later that night, according to owner Lea, the vandal came back. Lea says he watched on security cameras from his home as The Wolf vandalised the arcade with an axe inside and out. Again Lea called the cops, again they arrived too late. Between 1 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. The Wolf smashed every monitor, arcade machine, television, and window in the Sea Cave.

Lea estimates the total damage between $US30,000 (A$42,156) and $US50,000 (A$70,260). The photos, which you can see in full at the Sea Cave’s Facebook page, are heartbreaking.

These poor machines did nothing to deserve this.  (Photo: Sea Cave) These poor machines did nothing to deserve this. (Photo: Sea Cave)

But wait, there’s more. Monday evening at around 10 p.m. a group of employees and regular patrons were helping clean up the mess when The Wolf allegedly returned, this time brandishing a handgun. According to arcade goer Matt Ray, the group were taping up busted windows when The Wolf ran up behind them, gun in hand, and shouted, “Tell them to shut it down, I’m cartel.” The group fled and The Wolf ran off.

New Orleans police arrested The Wolf at 11:45 p.m. on Monday night, but have yet to release further details. In the meantime, the arcade is safe.

Now owner Lea, who launched the barcade in its original location back in 2016, is looking for help getting the Sea Cave back into gaming shape. Not a single one of his hand-painted arcade machines escaped the incidents without damage. Vintage TVs hooked to older consoles were smashed. Lea has set up a GoFundme campaign to help take care of damages not covered by insurance and to keep his employees paid during the downtime.

Hopefully the Sea Cave will be back in business shortly, serving snacks, drinks, and a place to safely enjoy video games, arcade and otherwise. We need more places for people to play together and fewer people referring to themselves with corny nicknames and acting like maniacs.


  • And nothing of value was lost – another potential covid mass-spreader event prevented. Odd that the owner still wants to call the guy by his 2000’s-era alias of ‘The Wolf’, that’s being much too nice. Have we got a possible wannabe Fuhrer here?

    “…and mentioned owning an assault rifle before leaving at around 7:30 p.m.”

    A shoestring is enough for the ATF to consider something an assault rifle, so it’s plausible. American media’s fearmongering over so-called ‘assault weapons’ just leads to more confusion.

    • haha joker you sure are funny sometimes and i do mean that and to be sure there is some elements of truth amongst your bile but bro your suss. Take this one for instance yes yes a lot of kotaku trigger and talking points bought out but the underlying story is fine. the person who did this act was clearly not a happy or healthy individual but it still a story that could interest people who are into video games. How much spare time you got ….. can i have some.

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