Battlefield 2042 Is On Sale For $49 Only Two Weeks After Launch

Battlefield 2042 Is On Sale For $49 Only Two Weeks After Launch
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Battlefield 2042 is suddenly going for pretty cheap.

DICE’s latest military shooter has gotten off to a rocky start in the two weeks since its launch. An indicator of just how rocky its launch window has been: the game is now on sale at most Australian retailers for $49,  40 dollars off its $89 RRP.

Across Amazon Australia, Catch, Dick Smith, Kogan, JB Hifi, and Target, Xbox and PS4 versions of the game are going for $49. If you wanted to snag Battlefield 2042 for cheap ahead of Christmas, this might not be a bad time to do so.

To be clear, EB Games and Steam do not appear to be running the same discount. EB will, however, price match the discount if you can show them the competitor’s price on your phone.

Battlefield 2042 suffered launch woes from the jump, with players complaining about everything from bugs to weapon balancing. Though developer DICE has released a significant patch addressing a load of issues, many remain. The player base continues to fracture and revolt across Reddit and social media, unhappy with being sold a full-priced game in what, to them, feels like an incomplete state.

The flip side to that argument is that Battlefield 2042 was developed, end-to-end, under work-from-from conditions throughout the pandemic. Without the same level of access and collaboration, concessions would always have to be made. Making games is hard, and moving a huge team to production conditions wholly different from what they’re used to is akin to moving a mountain.

So while the road may be a hard one for Battlefield 2042 at the moment, it will certainly improve over time. Several months from now, and with the benefit of many updates, you might be glad you grabbed Battlefield 2042 for cheap.


  • “The flip side to that argument is that Battlefield 2042 was developed, end-to-end, under work-from-[home] conditions throughout the pandemic.”

    This is a non-argument, non-excuse. If the pandemic made it so that developing the game to AAA quality was impossible in the project’s time-frame, they should’ve delayed it for as long as necessary to finish it, even if it was, say, a full year.

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