Behold! 15 Albums Of Persona Music In One Gorgeous $558 Box Set

Behold! 15 Albums Of Persona Music In One Gorgeous $558 Box Set

The vinyl video game music masters at iam8bit have teamed up with Atlus to create the ultimate musical collectible to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Persona series. The $US400 (A$558) Persona 25th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set features newly-remastered music from all five main games in the series spread across 15 colour-coded LPs in one massive collection. Don’t worry, you can buy them individually as well.

Outstanding music is a hallmark of the Persona series, from the hip-hop stylings of Persona 3 to the acid jazz of Persona 5. Available for preorder starting December 14, the Persona 25th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set collects eight-and-a-half hours of tunes from the original PlayStation classic through the Morgana show in five unique slipcases designed by artists Drew Wise. Each LP is coloured to match its corresponding game, so we get purple for Persona, purple and orange for Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment, and so on. All five soundtracks are packed inside a special slipcase for storage and display.

Tag yourself. I'm the black space between 3 and 4.  (Image: iam8bit / Atlus)
Tag yourself. I’m the black space between 3 and 4. (Image: iam8bit / Atlus)

The sets will ship in two batches, one in the third quarter of 2022 and the second sometime in 2023. If $US400 (A$558) is too rich for your blood, each soundtrack will also be available individually. Persona and Persona 2 will be bundled together for $US90 (A$126), while Persona 3, 4, and 5 will run $US100 ($140) each. Iam8bit is even selling the whole set’s slipcase empty for $US35 ($49), so you can slowly collect them all if they don’t sell out immediately.

They will probably sell out immediately. Music is such a massive part of the Persona experience, and this box set sounds like one of the best possible ways to enjoy that music if you’re into the vinyl scene. I want this box set so hard my teeth are aching. I have a mighty need, and I’m sure a large portion of Persona fandom is feeling it as well.

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