Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Glitch Makes Pokémon Look Like They’re Boning

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Glitch Makes Pokémon Look Like They’re Boning
They grow up so fast. Too fast. (Screenshot: Nintendo / The Pokémon Company)

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have each seen their fair share of major glitches since release, ranging from Pokémon cloning to the random renaming of beloved friends. Now you can add inadvertent depictions of simulated sex to the list. Bibarels appear to be, likely much to the chagrin of The Pokémon Company, bonin’.

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are the most recent Pokémon remakes to hit the Switch, and their reception has been anything but warm. The aforementioned glitches started the release on the wrong foot, many people were very upset with the removal of several changes from Pokémon Platinum, and some missing quality of life improvements have left fans more than a little disappointed. Sadly, I do not think accidentally including a Pokémon sex glitch will earn the company any goodwill, at least not with the audience they’re trying to court. Someone is happy about this, I’m sure.

The few clips we have of this glitch, which was discovered by streamer Swampert_Tube, all involve Bibarel, who for some unknown reason is layered in front of another Pokémon when using HMs like Fly or Surf, which makes the Pokémon look like they’re engaging in acts of the flesh. The glitch appears to work with most HMs, with the thread including examples of Bibarel being boned by another Bibarel and a Staraptor.

At the very least, the example with a Staraptor is clipping in ways that make it obvious something is going wrong — the other Bibarel, however, is angled in a way that one cannot help but read the deed as being done.

Given The Pokémon Company’s insistence on maintaining a mostly clean, family-friendly image, this glitch will likely be one of the many tackled in the game’s ongoing patches, which are clearly, desperately necessary. I hope that the Bibarels enjoy their fun while it lasts but also want to remind them to just get a room at the Pokémon daycare next time — it’ll make everyone else way less uncomfortable.


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