Community Review: Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

Community Review: Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

I know it’s been a big couple of days for the MMO fans in the house, but how are you finding Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker so far?

Our own Renee O’Flynn had a grand old time and turned in an exhaustive review for us. If you haven’t had a chance to check that out, you can do so right over here. Renee found that, like previous expansions, Endwalker gets off to a slow start but once the boulder starts rolling down the proverbial hill, it’s hard not to be drawn in by its gathering momentum. But how did the other critics find it?

At this stage, the game has no Metacritic score as reviews are still coming in hot. Most in-progress reviews appear to align with Renee’s thoughts — that this is a fine expansion that addresses numerous issues fans have had for years. Screen Rant didn’t feel antagonist Fandaniel reaches the moustache-twirling villainy of Shadowbringers Emet-Selch, but as with all JRPG villains, time will tell. We love a villain.

Destructoid’s Chris Carter is enjoying the Endwalker expansion, but fears it can’t possibly live up to the crowd-pleasing bar set by Shadowbringers.

But how about you? Are you enjoying Endwalker? Is this your first FFXIV expansion or are you a returning veteran? How many hours have you sunk in already? Are you hydrating? Do you need us to bring you a snack?

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