Fortnite Players Are Using A Creative Glitch To Farm XP, And Epic Isn’t Happy

Fortnite Players Are Using A Creative Glitch To Farm XP, And Epic Isn’t Happy

Fortnite players are blasting through the game’s Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass using a Creative mode glitch to farm XP.

Hunting for XP exploits is a time-honoured tradition among the Fortnite community and a problem that has plagued developer Epic Games since the platform’s inception. But now, with C3S1’s revised levelling model that uses Accolades, it seems like it’s easier to farm XP than ever.

It’s a classic push-pull, really. Epic wants the XP grind to move at a pace that’s just slow enough to entice you to spend money to level up. Players, desiring only skins and unlockables, reject the grind and just want an easier time of it.

Enter Creative mode, where levels are designed by players for all kinds of things. Some are used for creating new islands for the Battle Royale game mode. There are levels, like the recent Australia and New Zealand museum, that function as educational exhibits. But among the levels, players are using to grind for XP are what are called trainer levels.

Trainer levels are designed to help players improve at the game’s core mechanics. This includes shooting, strafing, the new slide mechanic, and, of course, building. The trick surrounding these building levels involves following a series of precise steps that allow the player to build around the level’s exit, such that they cannot leave without hard quitting the game.

Once the construct is correctly in place, players can cross the finish line, a move that rewards a sizeable chunk of XP. But with the building constructed the way it is, players don’t cross the finish line. They’re suspended above it, which is enough to trigger the XP drop but not the end of the level. Players then scuttle back and forth across the line, raking in gargantuan sums of XP.

Here’s Youtuber OrangeGuy to demonstrate:

Before you go rushing off to try this yourself, please be aware: this kind of behaviour violates Epic’s terms of service and will give them grounds to ban your account if they choose to do so. If you’re not prepared to lose your entire account, maybe don’t give them a reason to ban you.

However, even if you were willing to take the risk, you can’t anymore because someone snitched to Epic.

So, for now, that’s the end of that. Epic is aware of the farming glitches happening in Creative and has once again tapped the sign. Sorry, XP farmers. There will be other glitches in other levels, but not today.


  • Oh so they are getting upset people have found a way to game a system for their own benefit. Coming from you, thats cute epic.

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