Garfield Is Playable On Mondays, But Maybe He Shouldn’t Be

Garfield Is Playable On Mondays, But Maybe He Shouldn’t Be

Sometimes a lie on the internet reveals a universal truth.

In news that excites many, the lasagne-loving, Monday-hating feline Garfield was announced as a new fighter in Nickelodeon All-Star BrawlThe announcement revealed that Garfield would be added as the first post-launch character and available for free to all players of the Nickelodeon fighting game. It’s true, you can now beat the ever-loving shit out of a mutated anthropomorphic turtle as a melancholy orange cat. In the wake of this divine truth, there was also… a dastardly lie.

YouTuber ProTayToe fooled many with a tweet today, posting alleged screenshots of an IGN article stating that Garfield would NOT be playable on Mondays, attributing to his Monday-loathing nature.

From a single look, this is fairly believable and also very funny. However, a simple scroll down to the next tweet reveals that this was in fact an elaborate ruse.

Honestly? I fell for it for a second and loved it. However, as is part of my job, I had to seek out more evidence and evidently found none. As a goofy guy myself, I’ll admit it’s a fantastic bit. Silly, light-hearted and somewhat believable. Unfortunately, it probably wouldn’t be wise for the developers to put in a gimmick that actively stops players from using a character on a specific day. But… Garfield is different.

I love Garfield. I think he’s an icon and a king. He’s based, he’s lasagne-pilled, etc. While the average developer would want players of their game to have the best experience they can, and a new character added to a game is usually a big deal, there’s plenty to gain from a gimmick. Garfield doesn’t like to play by the rules of others. While he loves John and Odie deep down, he also scorns them and will sometimes make their lives difficult.

The real question is: would Garfield completely avoid Mondays at all costs due to his hatred for them, or would he go into a Monday battle with SpongeBob and Stimpy with a hot, burning rage for the day and simply murder them in cold blood? Of course, this is a game for children. But what is stopping Garfield from reigning terror on a much-hated Monday? Would a gimmicky patch where Garfield is absent from Monday battles simply be a safety step due to the undeniable knowledge of the monster that Garfield could become on this wretched day? Perhaps.

For now, contrary to tweets, Garfield is playable on Mondays. But maybe, for the safety of actual baby Tommy Pickles, he shouldn’t be.


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