Genshin Impact Event’s Ninja Dogs Are Even Tougher Than Bosses

Genshin Impact Event’s Ninja Dogs Are Even Tougher Than Bosses
Screenshot: miHoYo

Step aside, Can You Pet the Dog, Genshin Impact players have discovered that it’s possible to kill the guarding ninja dogs in the stealth phase of the latest event. Previously assumed to be invincible, it’s an act that, gruesomely, takes millions of points of damage to achieve. I don’t know what’s more horrifying: The fact that people are killing these cute dogs, or that these powerful characters’ ultimate attacks are only doing chip damage.

Bantan Sango Case Files is the newest event in Genshin Impact, in which players have to rescue captured animals by stealthily avoiding the ninja dogs. There hasn’t been a story explanation so far as to how these dogs found paid employment as ninjas, but the event foreshadows the dogs’ strength by having them knock out a quest NPC. It turns out, they’re also ferocious enemies in-game. Instead of zapping you back to a checkpoint like in many stealth games, the ninja dogs will try to attack you with electric shuriken. The correct thing to do would be to activate a smoke machine and hide for a little bit before attempting another animal rescue. But some Genshin players have never been interested in completing challenges in the “correct” way.

Multiple Genshin players have opted not to retreat, and actually beat the dogs in direct combat. Let me explain how absurd that is. Players have reported that these dogs have an estimated 1 to 3 million health points. That’s more than the datamined health points for Andrius, a boss that players can farm every week. Several players report the dogs have more health than current Spiral Abyss enemies (a Genshin challenge mode that functions as a DPS check). A fully-built ultimate attack usually deals under 100k damage. It was surreal to see YouTubers spam their most powerful attacks to inflict chip damage on these ninja pups.

But surely these players would be punished for their crimes against doggies, right? Nope. After inducing a maelstrom of carnage, the stolen animals in the quest can be rescued like normal. Killing one furry friend to save another? That’s net-zero, people. It seems that the dogs were designed to be defeatable for those who were seeking an extra thrill.

For the rest of us with upstanding morals, it’s thankfully much faster to simply sneak past the Canine Bunshin.

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