Hell Yeah, Wonder Woman Is Starring In Her Own Big Game

Hell Yeah, Wonder Woman Is Starring In Her Own Big Game

The folks at Monolith Productions are developing a Wonder Woman game, The Game Awards revealed tonight with a barebones teaser.

The short video introduced us to the eponymous Amazon warrior by way of a voice over from her mother, Hippolyta. Besides that, it was mostly just brief glimpses of the superhero, her iconic armour, and the Lasso of Truth, a weapon that doubles as a tool for getting unruly opponents to do as Wonder Woman commands.

“My daughter, a new threat comes to our shores and I must call you home,” Hippolyta’s narration explains, possibly revealing some early story details. “Restore what has been broken. Unite old enemies. Forge new bonds. You are a hero, but you can be more. You can be a leader. You are Wonder Woman.”

While gameplay details were non-existent, it’s probably safe to assume that Wonder Woman will follow the same format as Monolith’s most recent work on the Shadow of Mordor franchise. We’re talking third-person, melee combat with an emphasis on subduing enemies and commanding armies. Then again, who knows: Maybe the devs are going back to their Blood and F.E.A.R. roots and making a first-person Wonder Woman game instead. That would be quite a curveball!


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