Here’s The First Trailer For The Upcoming Halo TV Series

Here’s The First Trailer For The Upcoming Halo TV Series
Screenshot: The Game Awards / Paramount+ (Kotaku)

Geoff’s Big Show gave us our first full trailer for the upcoming Halo TV series, streaming on Paramount+. It looks…fine. Its really hard to make Doom Guy armour look good in a real human setting.


  • Halsey looks young, and Blue Teams armour looks kinda older styled. We getting some early covenant war content here?

    I have been worried about this, but forward unto danw was fairly cool and this seems to have good production value. So call me a bit excited now.
    Still worried about how much it might conflict with the book lore (from Fal of Reach, First strike and Ghosts of onyx, which are the best part of the halo franchise), but hopefully there has been good oversight on the plot to make sure it doesnt mess with anything too much.
    Though i guess one could/probably should consider this just a fun live action adaption, not necessarily canon. leaves less chance for annoyance

    • It seems like season one will be the creation of the Spartans and the early missions they run against insurgent forces.

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