Logan Paul Encased 15 Game Boy Colours In Resin To Make A Pokémon Tabletop And People Are Mad

Logan Paul Encased 15 Game Boy Colours In Resin To Make A Pokémon Tabletop And People Are Mad

You ever do something in your home and think it’s cool, then share it with people online only to get roasted for ruining someone else’s happiness? That’s what’s happening to internet personality Logan Paul, who encased a bunch of beautiful Game Boy Colours in resin to make a Pokémon tabletop.

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Paul posted the project on TikTok and shared a clip to Twitter on December 26. He took 15 Game Boy Colours, including what appears to be the limited-edition Pokémon-themed one and a dandelion yellow version, and enclosed them in multiple pounds of epoxy resin. After positioning and covering the consoles in gel, Paul wrapped the tabletop with a metal Pokéball frame.

He posted a shorter follow-up video showcasing how the table lights up and changes colours, going from blue to purple to red to green and back again. It actually looks tight! It’s also a solid way to preserve some of gaming’s history by repurposing something old into something artistic and functional.

But, seeing as it’s the internet, folks are very pissed about this.

Several people bemoaned Paul’s sacrilegious act of “[putting people’s] happiness in an epoxy resin and [wasting] it,” to quote one user. Honestly, people are freaking out! Another said “drowning them” in resin wasn’t necessary for the project, while another noted that other methods — like a glass display — would’ve been “lighter” and “forever customisable.”

By far, though, folks are most pressed about Paul allegedly destroying 15 Game Boy Colours. Because, you see, the handhelds he’s supposedly ruining are perfectly fine — according to everyone’s speculation, anyway. Never mind that Game Boy Colours are purchasable on both Amazon and eBay, in addition to secondhand stores, thrift shops, and the like. And it’s certainly not like he can do what he wants with what he buys. Heaven forbid.

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Look, I’m not stanning Logan Paul. The dude’s done some questionable things in the past that haunt his present. He’s also hardcore into the earth-destroying, resource-guzzling NFT grift, which…cool. Paul isn’t exactly someone I’d defend, but this pile-on is indicative of the internet’s — or rather, humanity’s — most toxic qualities. Just live and let live. Leave people alone.



  • there are plenty of things to be annoyed or mad at him for. This isnt it. Its so easy to buy gameboys online. There are loads of them.

    There is also the fact that he owns them, He can do what he wants with them. They arent yours, they are his.

    Touch grass

    • Which is both legally true, obviously, but also a pretty depressing commentary on a society that sees nothing wrong with people happily destroying irreplaceable items even though others would enjoy and get good use out of them.

      It’s perfectly reasonable for people to feel a bit grumpy about the whole thing. I mean, seriously, they’re not storming his house to liberate the Game Boys, they’re just blowing off steam expressing their opinion that the whole exercise was ultimately indulgent, selfish and unnecessary.

      • There are 10’s of thousands of game boys for sale on ebay. They are quite literally easily replaceable. Buy another one off ebay.

        If you want one that bad go and buy one. Complaining about what someone else does with their purchase is peak entitlement.

        What he does with something he purchases is his prerogative and his alone.

        • There are definitely a lot of GBCs out there but based on the lack of clean up work and his pattern of throwing cash it’s not outrageous to assume he scooped up some harder to come by mint condition units that collectors are interested in.

          It’s not the end of the world if GBCs get harder to find but it’s still unnecessary and wasteful. He can spend his time/money however he wants but that doesn’t equate to freedom from judgement.

          • In the hands of a ‘collector,’ those dead consoles are never going to see the light of day until they’re sold as part of bankruptcy proceedings or clearing out an expired storage unit.

      • ” they’re just blowing off steam expressing their opinion that the whole exercise was ultimately indulgent, selfish and unnecessary.”

        Funny, I could say the same thing about people complaining about what he did. Indulgent, selfish and unnecessary.

        • I really dont like him, at all, but this isnt even making a top 10 list of reasons why to not like him. Probably not even a top 100.
          As you said, some people need to touch some grass.

  • Funny, this was briefly hot in awful woodworking projects the past few years. Just crass and unimaginative craft.

    But he can do whatever he wants with crap old handhelds.

  • He could single handedly save an endangered species and would probably still cop hate for it, he’s just……just a terrible, terrible person.

    I’ll just add this to the bill and pray that he’s dumb enough to think he’s a pro boxer and chase a proper match.

  • I don’t particularly care about the Logan Paul part of it or even the GameBoys themselves, but it is a bit of a pet peeve when people trash out of production stuff for tacky craft projects. There’s no real reason to destroy a Power Glove or a VirtualBoy, especially now 3D printing can replicate it all so well. There’s plenty of SNES carts out there right now but that’s still not a good reason to trash them to make lamps.

    If he’d put the work into replicating the GameBoys the project would probably have found some sort of creative vision beyond ‘remember Nintendo?’. Off the top of my head if I’m making custom shells and my table’s theme is Pokemon I’m remixing them with Pokeballs. Probably a Poke, Great and Ultra with a Master in the middle of the triangle. Stick some prints of your favourite Pokemon on the displays. Maybe even throw some electronics in there now you’re free to use 100% of the space in the shell. Not the most inspired idea but there’s so many directions to go once you start on that path.

  • tldr: jealous people whinge about a guy who used some Game Boys in unknown condition to make a tacky nerd-culture table

  • Angry twitter is a cesspool of pure hate, yeah you can miss me with that negative energy. Life’s too short to be wasting time like that.

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