Longtime Super Robot Wars Producer Has Left Bandai Namco

Longtime Super Robot Wars Producer Has Left Bandai Namco

If you’re a fan of Super Robot Wars, then no doubt you know who Takanobu Terada is. The longtime Super Robot Wars series producer has announced that he’s left Bandai Namco Entertainment subsidiary B.B. Studio to go freelance.

Terada recently made the announcement on a livestream (via Famitsu), saying that he left the company this past August.

“Currently, I am working as a freelancer,” Terada added, adding that he had been thinking about going freelance to expand his work prospects. He discussed this with Bandai Namco Entertainment, who said they wanted him to stay involved as series producer for Super Robot Wars 30.

With the employment change comes a job title change. Terada will no longer be the series producer, but rather, the series supervisor. He said he’d like to stay involved with the franchise, but that would depend on Bandai Namco Entertainment. Considering how his departure from the studio seems amicable and that he has a wealth of experience and knowledge, it seems he’ll remain involved with the Super Robot Wars games.

Terada got his start doing debug work for 1994’s Super Robot Wars EX, the fourth entry in the series. The first game in the series he produced was 1995’s 2nd Super Robot Wars G for the Game Boy. He would go on to become the main producer of the tactical role-playing game series. Terada hasn’t only produced dozens upon dozens of the Super Robot Wars titles, he’s also crafted scenarios, written scripts, and directed games. Over the decades, he’s been a series mainstay.

During his announcement, Terada mentioned that in future installments, he thinks he’ll be more involved with the game’s stories and graphics. This might help him focus more on the creative process without getting weighted down by the nitty-gritty of game producing.

“While my position has changed to freelance, the actual work I’m doing isn’t really changing,” said Terada. “From here on out, I want to continue to work hard.”

With a smile, Terada added that when he started this announcement, he was nervous and stiff. After making the announcement, he seemed like he had gotten something off his chest. He looked far more relaxed. Hopefully this arrangement will work out for him, Bandai Namco, and Super Robot Wars fans.

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