Pathways To The Industry Stream Wants To Help You Get A Job In Games

Pathways To The Industry Stream Wants To Help You Get A Job In Games

If you’ve ever wondered how to go about securing a career in Australia’s growing games development sector, SAE and The Arcade may have the Livestream for you.

SAE Institute and Melbourne game dev collective The Arcade are hosting a Pathways To The Industry event that aims to connect aspiring developers with established industry talent and learn from their experiences. Sitting on the livestreamed panel are Video World developer and synth-pop artist Jacob Leaney, Avalanche Studios producer Elise Marchouba, and FLAIM Systems XR Developer James Smith.

You’ll be able to catch the panel, streamed live from The Arcade, on the official IGEA Twitch channel on Friday, 10 December, from 11 am AEDT.

“Through our partnership with The Arcade, we wanted to host an event that would not only provide knowledge to our students but also give back to the huge games development community across the country,” said SAE Program Chair for Games Geoff Hill in a press release. “James, Elise and Jacob’s diverse experience will be invaluable in providing relevant insight
on how to make it in the video games industry and follow their varied pathways.”

“In recent years, game development has become an increasingly competitive field. The best way for up-and-coming devs to have the edge on the competition is to engage with professionals through events like this,” echoes Ceri Hutton, Director of Operations and Projects at The Arcade. “Jacob, Elise and James are leaders in their field whose pathways are diverse and varied. We are delighted to give them a platform to share their insights to aspiring devs across Australia and the world via our Twitch channel.”

The Australian games industry is a unique sphere, and it attracts unique people. Opportunities like this, to hear from those already in the trenches, can provide valuable insight into an industry that is notoriously hard to break into.

You can find out more about The Arcade here, and more about SAE Institute’s game development program here.


  • Fantastic idea because the Australian game development environment is about to change dramatically.

    Better late than never.

  • If you want to study games, whatever you do, don’t study it at SAE, go to a reputable university. For a domestic student it costs $63,292 AUD all up! Compare to something like Griffith University where it only costs $27,000 for a domestic student.

  • Do you want to work $120 hours a week? Do you want to be constantly forced to crunch in the work place for no respect? Do you want constant abuse and humiliation for no recognition from an executive who will make 10,000 times than you do? Do you want to be sacked so the next earnings quarter looks good to the investors?

    Then join game development today. Apply at your local AAA developer!

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