Snacktaku: In-Game Dishes Come To Life For PlayStation To Plate

Snacktaku: In-Game Dishes Come To Life For PlayStation To Plate

Snacktaku is back with another round of food inspired by video games.

PlayStation has come together with three renowned Australian cult restaurants to bring dishes from our favourite PlayStation exclusives to life. Mary’s Newtown, The Italian Bowl and Bistro Morgan have all made dishes for PlayStation To Plate, available for a limited run from December 3 to December 13 via the restaurants themselves or Deliveroo.

I was lucky enough to be able to waddle my way over to the launch event and try these dishes for myself, and lemme tell you, you do NOT feel very good after eating a cheesy steak sandwich, a bowl of pasta and a honey mousse trifle in the span of a couple hours. In fact, I felt incredibly bloated! However, it was totally worth it.

So what exactly is on the menu? And how quickly did I eat it? Was it yummy? Was I sweaty? Is my lactose intolerance holding me back from succeeding in life? What even happened? Let’s discuss.

Ellie’s Steak Sandwich – The Last Of Us Part II

Mary’s Newtown

Image: PlayStation To Plate / Kotaku Australia.

Ellie’s Steak Sandwich, which I have personally named The Gamer Sandwich, is a cheesesteak roll with peppers, layers of steak and a cheesy sauce. As mentioned prior, my soft, shitty body generally does not agree with dairy. Regardless, I do not let this stop me in my eating habits because philosophically I believe in having a good time eating in the present and feeling horrible about it later.

The Mary’s fellas have done a pretty bang-up job with this one, however I feel like it would’ve benefitted from the roll being toasted as the supreme cheesiness of the innards made the roll a little… moist. Regardless, it was pretty delicious and definitely a perfect dish to eat when you are on the piss or have recently sobered up from being on the piss.

Thief’s Pasta – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

The Italian Bowl

Image: PlayStation To Plate / Kotaku Australia.

Thief’s Pasta, which I have personally named The Gamer Pasta, is a Napoletana dish with Italian sausage, vegetables, olives and cheese. Once again, yada yada lactose intolerance. Nevertheless, she (me) persisted.

You can’t go wrong with pasta. You can make pasta wrong, which I learned as a youth trying to make spaghetti Bolognese from scratch without looking at a recipe and putting so much salt in to counter the sweetness of the tomato paste that I made myself incredibly sick. The Italian Bowl, on the other hand, know how to make a good bowl of pasta and really did a great job with a simple dish. Eating this directly after half of a cheesesteak sandwich was a lot to handle, but it was still very yummy.

Sirangian Honey Mousse – Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Bistro Morgan

Image: PlayStation To Plate / Kotaku Australia.

The Sirangian Honey Mousse, which I have personally named The Gamer Treat, is a honey mousse trifle containing layers of strawberries, jelly, cake and mousse, topped with nuts and served in a hexagonal jar. I cannot stress this enough: dairy is a blight on my internal organs and leaves me struggling and about to blow like Mr. Creosote in Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life. I still ate it, though.

Jesus Christ, this was delicious. There’s so much going on with the layers and the bits and pieces, yet it all comes together to create a sweet treat experience. Finding out that the chef that made it was 15 when he opened his bakehouse and is now 20 and incredibly successful almost made me choke on the dish, but I commend this Young Baked Goods King on his success and the creation of this yummy little sweet.

These dishes are now available to the public for a limited time only, so diners from Sydney and Melbourne better hop in quick or make an order on Deliveroo before they’re gone!

No Rubies were harmed in the consumption of these meals.

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