Streamer Has Said ‘Mario’ 345,000 Times Over The Last Few Days

Streamer Has Said ‘Mario’ 345,000 Times Over The Last Few Days
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If you have ever wanted to hear a word repeated so many times that it loses all meaning to you (semantic satiation, it’s a real thing), then please enjoy this stream of a man who has committed himself to saying the word “Mario” over half a million times.

This is Canadian streamer Nicro, who last week set himself the goal of saying “Mario” every time someone contributed to his channel. If they contributed 1 bit, he’d say it once. For $US1 (A$1.40) he’d say it 100 times. For every sub to his channel, he’d have to say it 250 times.

At time of posting, that shit has gotten entirely out of hand, with his tally of times he has to say the word currently sitting at 557,000. After 119 cumulative hours of streaming (don’t worry, he’s sleeping in between), he has said “Mario” 345,000 times.

You should say it ten times in a row and see how it sounds. Now imagine how it will sound after saying it 557,000 times.

It’s not the only word he can say, presumably so that he doesn’t go mad, but tune in at any time and even if he’s mid-conversation he’ll still be having to bust out a few “Marios” in a row just to keep the goal from getting out of reach.

You can check out the stream here if you want, though if you’re only after a look at how it’s all working, here’s a snippet:

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