The Japanese Internet Reacts To Square Enix’s Stopping FFXIV Sales

The Japanese Internet Reacts To Square Enix’s Stopping FFXIV Sales

Japan is the home of Final Fantasy. It’s not only where the games are developed, but where some of FF’s biggest fans reside. Yesterday, Square Enix announced that it would be halting the sale of Final Fantasy XIV and yanking ads due to server congestion. I’m sure you have lots of thoughts about this — so do folks in Japan.

Below is a cross-section of reactions from some of the country’s biggest gaming sites like My Game News Flash and Hachima as well as popular bulletin boards like 2ch.

“Considering how this is the game’s eighth year, this is amazing.”

“God game.”

“People are coming to this game because the other MMOs self-destructed and vanished.”

“Total dominance lol. I’ve never heard of a game so popular that sales stop.”

“The only ones playing MMOs are unemployed shut-ins, lol”

“The story is good. To be honest, it’s better than the offline FF.”

“At night, it takes over an hour to log in.”

“I wish everything was single player.”

“Why have the players increased this much?”

“The digital version sold out LMAO”

“The Final Fantasy game for the whole world.”

“Shit game.”

“I recommend the PS5 version.”

“The haters are so annoyed.”

“They’re going to increase the servers.”

“Me, I liked FFXI better than FFXIV.”

“Foreigners play MMOs.”

“The situation is that that servers are hard to come by with the worldwide semiconductor shortage.”

“It’s this popular?”

“This is a shit game because it’s not out on the Switch.”

“Other than the story, it’s not interesting.”

“This game is already legendary.”

“I can feel displeasure that enough servers weren’t added.”

“I don’t really get it, but why is FFXIV recently popular?”

“I want to play XIV completely offline.”

FFXIV wasn’t really for me, but this is amazing.”

“Has there ever been a more sincere, incredible response than that of [producer Naoki] Yoshida?”

“This doesn’t happen to offline games.”

“Japanese games still got it!”

“This is simply a lack of planning.”

“As expected, this is an online gaming masterpiece.”

“This game seems especially popular abroad.”

“It sucks that there’s a semiconductor shortage.”

“Nintendo fans are going bonkers.”

“These comments by Sony fans acting triumphant are odd.”

“Will FFXIV end up locking out foreign players?”

“It would be fine to decrease the number of players.”

“This is unprecedented.”

“An MMO that’s selling out LMAO”

“I drink the tears of the Nintendo fans.”

“It’s so pleasant to hear the shrieks of the haters. Go on, do it some more.”

“An MMO that’s going strong in its eighth year is amazing.”

“There is a PC version, so I don’t get why Nintendo fans who have a PC are getting upset.”

“Is there actually anyone buying the package version?”

“This is probably the first and last time a game enters its heyday during the eighth year it’s been out.”

“This game is going to continue for the next thirty years.”

What about you? What’s your take on the game being pulled from sale?


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