The Long-Awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake Port Isn’t Running Great On PC

The Long-Awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake Port Isn’t Running Great On PC
Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

The monkey’s paw curled hard on this one. Players have been waiting for the fantastic Final Fantasy VII Remake to hit PC for nearly two years now, but not like this. The PC version has stuttering issues and barely any settings options, despite a premium price tag of $US70 ($98).

Released last week exclusively (for now at least) on the Epic Games Store, the PC port is the FFVII Remake Intergrade version Square Enix released on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S that comes with a Yuffie story expansion, a photo mode, and performance graphics options. The port is supposed to run the game at a smooth 60 fps. On PC, however, players are reporting significant frame drops, especially in crowded areas like Midgar’s slums.

“This is just one brief moment in the first 5 minutes of the game,” Digital Foundry content creator Alexander Battaglia wrote on Twitter shortly after the game’s release on December 17. “Spinning the camera causes a sustained drop and then a big stutter.”

Battagilia’s footage was captured on an RTX3090 GPU and i9-10900K processor, according to Eurogamer’s John Linneman who reviewed it. “The PC port of FFVIIR is terrible,” he wrote on Twitter. “The smooth presentation was central to its storytelling and this version compromises it.”

It’s not exactly clear what the source of the problems is, but as PC Gamer notes the lack of settings options clearly isn’t helping. There’s no option to toggle VSync, turn off motion blur, change anti-aliasing, or even set a variable framerate. PCGamingWiki cites VRAM issues, which suggests FFVII Remake is poorly optimised on PC at the moment.

Square Enix didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on the issues, but in the meantime PC Gamer suggests forcing the game to use DirectX 11 instead of DX12 to help with stuttering. Other players have already gotten a headstart on patching the game, with a new mod to disable dynamic resolution already in circulation.

While Square Enix’s track record when it comes to PC ports is spotty at best, FFVII Remake Intergrade’s current performance is especially shocking considering it’s the first modern game on the platform to break the $US60 ($84) ceiling for a new launch. Accordingly, the pricetag has sparked tons of outrage in the process. Fortunately for Square Enix, the Epic Games Store still doesn’t have user reviews, or even discussion boards.


  • An over-priced (AU$114.95), very limited access (Epic only same as Kingdon Hearts) piece of money farming that Square Enix is now famous for. They did a similar thing with Dragon Quest 11, removing its original release from Steam and putting up the ‘improved’ Switch edition without giving it to accounts that had bought it originally. Along with the ‘refreshed’ re-ports for Final Fantasy 1-6, this is nothing but a money farming gimick. They should all hold thier heads in shame.

    • This is a bit different, as it is a complete rewrite and redesign of the game using the original overarching storyline, rather than simply a refreshed version. That said, if they’re going to up the price on PC, they should sure as hell have done their work on optimising the game of PC rather than just throwing it out there to fix later. That’s just rushed development meeting an arbitrary timeline given to them by the publisher.

  • I mean the original PC port of FFVII was pretty flaky too so… I guess this is just extra authenticity for the remake?

  • Until they put the time effort and money in to PC development, it’s not a matter of if a PC port is bad, it’s how bad

    Actually I think we’re due SE’s tri-annual PC development PR talk.
    If we’re lucky they might actually do something this time but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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