The Week In Games: The Last Week Of 2021

The Week In Games: The Last Week Of 2021
Photo: David Dee Delgado, Getty Images

Congrats, everyone! We made it. This horrible, awful year (filled with some pretty good games…) is nearly over. Now, I know that a new year doesn’t magically change anything. But at least we can all collectively look back at 2021 and say “Fuck off” together.

As for games, as is usually the case, the final week of the year is mostly empty. But I’m guessing you probably have a large 2021 backlog (or 2020 backlog) to work through over the last few days of the year. Hopefully, you get some time off from work and get to safely see some family and friends.

Here’s all the stuff coming out this week:

Monday, December 27

  • My Universe – Interior Designer | Switch

  • Unstrong: Space Calamity | Switch

  • Menseki: Area Maze Puzzles | Switch

Tuesday, December 28

  • Lacuna | Switch

Thursday, December 30

  • Pawn of the Dead | Switch

  • Hollow 2 | Switch

  • Deathsmiles I-II | Switch

Friday, December 31

  • Football Cup 2022 | PS5

  • Cancelled! Super Puzzles Dream | Switch

  • Clownfield 2042 | PC

Saturday, January 1

  • Sorcerer Knights | Switch

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