The Worst Games Of 2021 According To Metacritic

The Worst Games Of 2021 According To Metacritic
There are no Oscars in this trash can. 

It was the best of games, it was the worst of games. 2021 was another year where we flocked to our gaming consoles and computers for shelter from the virus-ridden world outside. While there were plenty of good games to play this year, there were also those so bad that they made everything more horrible. Let’s scrape the bottom of the Metacritic barrel and see what we dredge up.

Stealing a mantra from one of my favourite movie podcasts, it’s OK to like a video game. Just because at least seven outlets deemed worthy of note by a popular review aggregation website decided these games bad does not mean you cannot enjoy them. It only means that if you do, your friends and family will hate you, you’ll never find love, and you will die alone.

Without further ado, here are the five games with the lowest average Metacritic ratings of 2021.

5. Of Bird and Cage | Score: 44 (PC)

“Imagine music brought to life,” begins the trailer for Of Bird and Cage. According to Metacritic, you should probably just stop there instead of playing this weird two-hour metal album in the form of a narrative adventure. As Screen Rant put it, “just because a game is unique doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s worth playing.”

4. Taxi Chaos | Score: 42 (PS4)

In the immortal words of our own Zack Zweizen, “Sorry Crazy Taxi fans, Taxi Chaos ain’t it.” Developer Lion Castle tried, but no amount of using the word “crazy” in your marketing is going to connect this flop with the Sega classic.

3. Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood | Score: 42 (PS4)

Oh come on, the first major game based on the World of Darkness RPG’s Werewolf: The Apocalypse setting couldn’t be that bad. I heard one guy call it dumb fun. Well, that guy was an idiot. The best thing this game had going for it was letting players become a dog. Otherwise, the entire game was a dog.

2. Balan Wonderworld | Score: 36 (Switch)

Now this one hurt. I had such high hopes for this whimsical project from Yuji Naka, the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog and Nights Into Dreams. Instead of the fanciful adventure early trailers seemed to indicate, we got a simplistic collect-a-thon platformer filled with neat ideas that fell completely flat. Shortly after Balan Wonderworld was released, Naka quit Square Enix and started pondering his retirement.

1. eFootball 2022 | Score: 25 (PC)

Man, I have never seen a new instalment of a long-running series so hated by fans and critics alike as Konami’s eFootball 2022. Our resident footy expert Luke Plunkett wrote an article all about why this renamed Pro Evolution Soccer sequel is so bad, and just how bad it is. This is the third Kotaku 2021 Year in Review post to feature eFootball 2022, following The Most Broken Games of 2021 and The Year in Gaming Apologies.

There you have it, 2021’s most poorly-reviewed-on-Metacritic games. Were you a big fan of any of them? Did you by chance think that Werewolf one was just a little fun in a stupid sort of way? Asking for a friend. Feel free to answer in the comments.



  • It’s funny how this website continues to try and damage the PlayStation brand. One article reviewing the year the PS5 had saying all it had was good games and that’s it, when consoles are made and enjoyed based on their exclusives. Now most of these low ranking games are being shown as PS4 when realistically they are multiplat and don’t represent the Sony brand at all, apart from Sony giving it advertising. (Which they’d be damned for because apparently they don’t support indies).

    I know Telstra has an agreement with Xbox and this website is linked with Telstra as well through Pedestrian Group but really, the bias is becoming a bit much.

    • What are you smoking? These are the lowest metacritic scores for the year listed, metacritic has different scores for each version of the game kotaku is just showing you what metacritic reports as the lowest scored ones.
      Two on the list are PC, and one is switch so how exactly is “most of these low ranking games being shown as PS4”?

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