What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Another week comes to a close, friends, and we once again ask the question: What are you playing this weekend?

A couple of big launches this week, with both Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker and Halo Infinite‘s campaign landing at once.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time with Halo Infinite in campaign and multiplayer over the last few weeks and am prepared to call it the best campaign 343 has ever produced. It feels like the studio has finally found the delicate balance between emulating the feel of Bungie’s masterpiece and forging its own path. We love to see it. I’m looking forward to diving back in for a bit over the weekend.

I know your, my, our beloved Scree will be playing Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker this weekend. Scree turned in a sensational review of the new expansion for us earlier this week, and if you haven’t given it a read yet, you can do so over here. I’ve never been an MMO guy, but with promises like these, you may turn me yet.

Beyond that, the end of the year means I’m thinking about Game of the Year stuff again. That means a little bit of dabbling in the year’s best and brightest. I want to revisit Hitman 3 and give Returnal another run.

Obviously, I will also be playing Sea of Thieves because that’s who I am as a person. God help me, I’ve also been dipping into the new season of Fortnite with a few friends. The new map seems cool! The weapons pool seems limited, but I don’t mind that! They stole Titanfall‘s slide mechanic, but it’s fine! Everyone’s doing that now!

Ruby firmly tells me she’ll be finishing Death’s Door this weekend. She also plans to put some time into the recently released Aussie game Heavenly Bodies. and Gizmodo’s Asha Barbaschow assures me she will not be playing Candy Crush. Head on over to Giz and read about why, it’s a great yarn.

And that’s us for another week! Thank you as always for stopping by. Let us know down below what you’ll be playing this weekend! Keep an eye out for our new weekend email newsletter (and make sure you sign up for that if you haven’t already) and we’ll see you all on Monday.


  • The super fun aspect of playing the first 2 hours of Pearl & Diamond to get the starters & the three mythic gifts, trade to main account, reset and do it again. To have for both main playthroughs.
    *pulls a party popper*

  • I don’t usually play new releases but I had to play Infinite, and played 5 for the first time just a couple weeks ago in preparation. There isn’t much to say it really is an incredible game and if it took 4 & 5 to eventually get this then maybe it was worth it? It’ll be hard to NOT be playing this all weekend despite having other important things to do!

    • Yeah, I started Infinite thinking “Ergh here we go, 4 or 5 again…” then, before I knew it, I was playing something that stood shoulder to shoulder with Bungies best Halo’s. Absolutely loving it!!!

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