What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Another week in the books and, for us here at Kotaku Australia, the last major working day of the year. As such, this will be the final What Are You Playing This Weekend? for 2021.

So, perhaps let’s expand the scope of the question beyond the weekend and instead ask: What Are You Playing This Holiday Season? The Christmas and New Year period always presents a great opportunity to dig into the old Pile Of Shame and get caught up on the year’s biggest releases. What are your plans?

For me, I’m heading home to Brisbane this Christmas. I’ll be taking my trusty Switch with me for the flight, and to pass the time while I brave the trans to travel up and down the Gold Coast. If you’re from the Goldy, you’ll know what I’m in for, and thank you for the support in this trying time. I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite travel games for the Switch this morning, so please check that out if you’ll be on the move as well. A lot of these are installed on my Switch and ready to go already.

Usually, two weeks off would mean a prime opportunity to get properly stuck into my beloved Sea of Thieves with friends, but travel will make that difficult. This is Xbox Cloud Gaming’s time to shine — I’m packing my Xbox controller, and I’m interested to see how it goes on this trip.

Ruby and I will be on the site here and there over the next few weeks as we keep it bubbling along into the new year. We’ll be back in January and ready to kick our vision for Kotaku Australia into high gear.

From Ruby and myself, we hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday season and a ripper new year. Thank you for welcoming us into the Kotaku Australia fold, and for your patience as we’ve found our feet over the last couple of months. 2022 is looking bright, and we can’t wait to crack into it.

See you next year.


  • I’ve been smashing Trailmakers which has really scratched that building itch.
    Son found the Spiro remaster and has been very keen to give it a whirl.
    Oh and much to the annoyance of my partner I’ve activated the Genshin Impact event that only happens when your inactive for a while.

  • All the best to Ruby and yourself!

    I’ll be finishing Halo infinite and getting back to DA:inquisition dlc. Between that and moving I can’t see time for much else.

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