Wow, Dead Cells Is Still Going Strong, Huh

Wow, Dead Cells Is Still Going Strong, Huh
Image: Motion Twin

For a game about the undying, Dead Cells is really living up to subject matter. The popular roguelike, first released in 2018 for consoles and PC, is getting even more new content, developer Motion Twin announced via press release today. The expansion announcement comes shortly after announcing a different massive content update for the indie game.

The latest content is called The Queen and the Sea, and is scheduled for an early 2022 release. Here’s a (tantalizingly brief) teaser:

Since its release more than three years ago, Dead Cells has earned a reputation as a tough, if fair, side-scrolling roguelike. Tight combat, a rewarding unlock system, and an impressively deep arsenal are selling points on their own. But the true draw is the game’s branching pathway system: At the end of each biome, you can choose-your-own adventure into one of several other biomes, creating a maze-like framework that compels “one more run before bed, ok?”

Dead Cells has slowly expanded since its launch. Last year, the Bad Seed DLC saw the addition of two new biomes — the Dilapidated Arboretum and the Morass of the Banished — as alternative areas that could show up early in a run. It also added a boss fight, plus new enemies and weapons, including a mushroom companion who can sprint headlong into enemies and then explode. Earlier this year, the Fatal Falls expansion did the same, offering the Fractured Shrines and Undying Shores as biomes you can hit in the middle of your runs.

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The Queen and the Sea will add alternate biomes that can show up at the end of each run, beefing out the expansion significantly. One biome, Motion Twin says, purportedly is a “twist” that’s not “the standard-issue Dead Cells level you’re used to.” When asked for clarification on what the heck that means, exactly, a representative for Motion Twin declined to offer further details.

This week, Dead Cells stepped into metaverse territory with its “everyone is here” update, which adds crossovers weapons and outfits from similarly zeitgeisty indie games like Hyper Light Drifter, Hollow Knight, and Curse of the Dead Gods.



  • 2 and a half years after buying this I still get a few runs in for at least one session a fortnight. I still kinda suck at it, only beating 2 of the 5 difficulties required to finish the game… But damn I still get a kick outta it!

    • So much love for this game, and the devs just keeping pumping out quality content but ….I cannot get past 4 boss cells… I had to walk away for my sanity.

  • I love this game, but my aging reflexes can’t handle it like they used to. I still wish them the best of luck in their success with it.

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