Your First Look At Quantic Dream’s Dramatic New Star Wars Game

Your First Look At Quantic Dream’s Dramatic New Star Wars Game
Image: Quantic Dream

We already knew this was coming, but a reveal at the Game Awards tonight makes it official: Quantic Dream, the controversial developers of games like Detroit and Heavy Rain, are working on a game set in the Star Wars universe.

As we reported back in September, while Star Wars: Eclipse bears some of the hallmarks of Quantic Dream’s historically narrative-heavy experiences, it is also a more action-focused title than we’re used to from the French developers, with loads of hectic space combat and lightsaber sequences

The game’s debut trailer revealed that it’s set during the Republic era, with cameos from characters like Yoda and C-3PO. No release date was provided, as it’s still “early in development”.

The announcement comes as Quantic Dream has spent the last three years battling some of the people involved in a series of 2018 French press reports accusing the studio of having toxic working conditions. The report also detailed sexist and racist jokes, and lots of crunch (prolonged periods of overtime work). Quantic Dream denied the reports at the time and then went on to sue the publications, alongside some former employees in a series of court battles, some of which have ended inconclusively.


  • Looks good, but I do reserve opinions for Gameplay… some of the best Star Wars cinematic have been for games that either never were made or were a disappointment.

  • That was trade federation ships getting attacked, but definitely not by clones, so its not clone wars era.
    Cant say i have any idea who the ‘new’ aliens are with the man coming out of the mud. But it seems they will be starting a war.

    Im interested at the very least. While i would love a nice clone wars game, this is at least significantly more interesting to me than trying to get something going in sequel trilogy or even OT era as there is less baggage.

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