Clipping Out Of Halo Infinite’s First Level Requires Luck, A Grapple, And One Plasma Coil

Clipping Out Of Halo Infinite’s First Level Requires Luck, A Grapple, And One Plasma Coil
To infinity and beyond! (Gif: Termacious Trickocity / Microsoft / Kotaku)

Players have already discovered a bunch of unintentional, wacky, and physics-breaking antics since the launch of Halo Infinite, and a new vid shows that with the help of a fusion coil, the grapple hook, and some good old-fashioned no-clipping, you can launch yourself right out of the massive Banished starship you start the game in.

Harc at YouTube channel Termacious Trickocity discovered the glitch, which let them both escape the confines of the ship and explore the cinematic cutscene room at the end of the Warship mission. Here’s how to do it:

After speedrunning their way through the Warship mission, Harc jumps onto and grapple hooks an explosive fusion coil they placed in the corner of a barricaded doorway. The momentum gained from their precise grapple no-clips Master Chief through the boundary of the ship’s hull, landing him on top of the ceiling of a hallway. Freedom! After quickly grappling themselves to the top of the ship, they bunny hop their way down the hallway on the steel beams of the ceiling until they reach the cutscene room. Grappling Master Chief into its doorway lets him enter without triggering the cutscene.

Cool, but if you happen to find yourself wanting to be among the stars, you can go there too. Just be careful to follow the exact path shown in the vid, because one misstep can leave you stuck in space, and no one wants that.

To reach space, Harc repeats the same clipping trick to get outside of the ship, but with a second fusion coil in hand, he branches from the path that leads to the cutscene room and drops below the ship. There, they Spider-Man swing their way under and around its unfinished exterior until they reach the red forcefield at the end of the cutscene room. After setting up their trusty fusion coil and assuming the grapple-jump position, they propel themselves into space, where they grapple themselves safely onto floating debris. Well, sort of safely. Not sure how long a Master Chief can survive out there.

Map escape tricks are always fun and impressive, but what makes this feat even more commendable is that Harc had to do this escape in a single take in order to record a successful run. If you botch a grapple hook opportunity or trigger a cutscene while trying, you’d have to repeat the process from scratch. Thank you for your service, Harc.

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