Crysis 4 Announced, RIP To Your RTX 3090

Crysis 4 Announced, RIP To Your RTX 3090

Crytek has announced Crysis 4, the latest instalment in the long-running shooter franchise.

The announcement came overnight via the official Crytek socials, along with a short sizzle reel and the tagline ‘Join the journey, become the hero,’ which could describe literally any video game.

A blog post by Crytek CEO Anvi Yerli indicates that the game is still in the early stages of development, but that the studio was so excited about its progress that it felt an announcement was appropriate.

The original Crysis was released in 2007. It was a first-person shooter game about a soldier entombed within a powerful nano suit. The suit could be upgraded to give the wearer superhuman abilities — blazing speed, herculean strength, and even camouflage.

But what Crysis truly built its pitch on was its recommended spec. It was a game with visuals so far beyond the standard of the time, that it required the beefiest PC hardware available to run on even Normal settings. It was the kind of pitch that took the PC gamer’s breath away — the hardware required to run Crysis on its maximum settings didn’t exist yet.

The expectation for Crysis 4 is more of the same. Social media is already rife with jokes about RTX 3090 cards being unable to run the game.

Crysis 4 has no release date, nor did Crytek confirm the game’s intended platforms. Safe to say we can expect the game to land on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S when the time comes.


    • Spoken like someone who never played them, first game was the best but 2 & 3 were still fun rides and well worth playing beyond the visuals (which in 3 were breathtaking).

      • The first was brilliant, a truly ‘made for pc’ experience. You felt like you could go anywhere, you felt like everything was open, the combat was on point, even if it was a little clunky at times, you felt like you were a badass killing machine.

        The second was a heavily watered down ‘made for console’ experience where it really felt the reduction on every level. Gone was the ‘open battlefield’ experience you felt in part 1, it was now ‘open corridor’ all the way with a few ‘wider open’ areas. Still fun, but nowhere near part 1’s enjoyment. It was still a majorly fun game, but really wasn’t anywhere near the level of part 1.

        Part 3 was almost a return to form and had great combat, but still didn’t manage to recapture the ‘openness’ of part 1. It still had the semi-console feel while feeling a lot more open than 2. A great game, it just missed out on being as good as part 1 imho, which is still the gold standard for the Crysis brand.

        I’m really hoping they return to form with 4, given they have the tech to, let’s all hope they do!

        • Are you referring to Crysis Trilogy or the Mass Effect Trilogy? 😛

          Seriously though, weresmurf, I agree wholeheartedly!

          • HAH! Amazing how similair they are isn’t it? The dive from ME1 – ME3 is very similair when you play back through them!

          • Considering how ME2 was and still is the best one….You guys must hook me up with your dealers.

          • See m2d2, I love ME1 and 2, but ME2 suffered from too little to do outside collecting your teammates. Once you collected them, you went to the final mission and that was pretty much it. At least in the first game, there was a fair bit to do asides the main storyline. The combat in 2 was far superior though, in every way. ME1’s storyline though, was excellent, operatic as hell. The space opera nature of it was phenomenal, that final battle, the battle raging on outside, the fight against Saren inside was fun, against the backdrop of the raging starship war. It was excellent. That’s not to take away from 2, which had an excellent ending too, but to me, the ending in 1 was still *chefs kiss*.

      • No ody, Pokedad is right on this, while the first game was damn fun and great, it was far too short and it really was a tech demo.

        • It really was sold on its ability to melt GPUs. The tech demo was good because a lot of that new tech was super interesting and novel. But as a game it was only good, not great.

      • The first was good. Warhead was good. 2 was woeful. 3 was woeful. The online game was woeful. I stand by my comment.

  • “It was the kind of pitch that took the PC gamer’s breath away — the hardware required to run Crysis on its maximum settings didn’t exist yet.”

    Too bad the same can’t be said for the rest of the Crysis series. As fun as it is to imagine, we should expect a game that doesn’t push the boundaries – especially when there is talk of console ports. That’s the biggest indicator it’s going to be gimped.

    • just like the remaster of the first game, its not pushing the boundries, its just piss poor optimisation to cash in on the “but can it run crysis” meme

  • If this was coming on the heels on the first Crysis, maybe.
    But after Crysis 2 and 3 I have zero expectations for this game being some sort of graphics watershed utilising the sort of groundbreaking engine that I can’t even run on my 3080 Ti.
    It will never be anything like back in the day when I was desperately trying to source a second 8800gts to SLI in the vain hope of pushing my Crysis settings a little further!
    It felt like your card was about to go into battle with that game.
    There’s never really been anything quite like it since then, and I think that’s probably why it still resonates with us all these years later.

  • I think I have to add that I can’t believe that I finally actually agree with Gamer Joker about something for the first time in living memory!
    I got a new job as well today.
    Today was a good day. 🙂

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