Dark Souls II X ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Crossover Is Very Funny Actually

Dark Souls II X ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Crossover Is Very Funny Actually
You being the huntsman copse, not Steve Austin himself. (Image: Kotaku / Moses Robinson, Getty Images)

While professional wrestling is known for occasionally creating intriguing crossovers with other promotions, this Dark Souls II YouTube video of Stone Cold Steve Austin stomping a mudhole out of a huntsman copse might give real-world wrestling a run for its money.

YouTuber burritohead posted a video of their Dark Souls II character, appropriately named Stone Cold Steve Summon, beating the breaks off a hacker huntsman copse. They posted a clip of their video on r/DarkSouls2 subreddit and received a lot of love through threads of wrestling references mixed with Dark Souls flavour. The post even made an appearance on wrestling subreddit r/SquaredCircle as a crosspost before getting removed for allegedly being a “low effort submission.” Tough crowd.

The opening of the video depicts the Texas Rattlesnake’s old WWE entrance videos, with Steve Summon being assembled in the character creator before showing cuts of him taunting after defeating his foes. While real life Steve Austin isn’t regarded for being the most agile wrestler, Steve Summon is built different. After Austin’s theme song hit, Steve Summon set loose running around a forest like a rabid dog, using a barrel to slide down a stairwell, and broke out a greatsword he pulled from thin air to defeat his enemies in quick succession.

What really sells the spectacle on display, much like real-life wrestling, is the crowd noise and commentary from WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler and AEW commentator Jim Ross. The voice-overs for Lawler and Ross went above and beyond by using old broadcast audio bites of the former WWE commentary team. Burritohead created extra lines of dialogue for the duo using Uberduck, an AI speech bot, so they could give proper Dark Souls colour commentary to the slobberknocker beatdown Steve Summon was giving the hacker.

The hacker, clearly overwhelmed by Steve Summon’s offence, ran for their life for a majority of the video. But alas, ducking behind trees, diving into openings in the ground, and running serpentine proved to no avail for the hacker. After giving Steve Summon the chase, they accepted their fate and threw themselves off a cliff to free themself of his pursuit. I guess that’s what happens when you work yourself into a shoot with Stone Cold in Dark Souls II.

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