Indie Platform Game Jolt Has Banned Titles With Literally Any Mention Of Sex

Indie Platform Game Jolt Has Banned Titles With Literally Any Mention Of Sex
Image: Game Jolt

From this point forward, you will not be able to see a boob in a game you download or buy from Game Jolt. Judging by one of our most frequently-visited articles to date, this will be sad news for many.

Game Jolt, starting in 2008, was initially created as an website which allowed indie developers to easily make their games available to download or buy. Over the course of time, the website has continued to host games but has also begun to market itself as a space for fandoms to conglomerate with a ‘social app’ in the works as well. Now, they’ve decided to get rid of any games with even the slightest mention of sex.

According to a report by VICE, the indie-hosting platform has been shelling out emails over the past few days to game developers to let them know their games are being removed for being ‘porn games’. This occurred after Game Jolt reportedly “made the decision to no longer allow content that depicts, solicits, promotes, normalises, or glorifies sexual acts, sexual solicitation, and sexual violence.” Henceforth, the games are no longer available to access on Game Jolt, with users already owning the games being allowed access to them through the website for one year.

While this is all well and good on the surface, with someone finally thinking about the children (Helen Lovejoy is very relieved right now), this blanket ban has seemingly not only banned ‘porn games’ but has ultimately removed any game that mentions sex or sexual identity. This has led to a number of games wrongly being removed, with games involving LGBTQ+ themes getting banned in the process. Following the bans and public outcry, it seems the game-hosting website has also decided the best course of action is to ‘be snarky’ and reply to criticism with GIFs.

In the realm of unjustified removals, game designer Laura McGee took to Twitter to express her dismay at the removal of her game Curtain, which is a game about the evolution of a relationship that becomes abusive. The point of the game is to educate people about abuse in relationships, uniquely looking at it from a queer perspective.

Another game, THOSE DARN NIPPLES, which is a satirical arcade game developed for the purpose of desexualising nipples, was also removed. Talk about missing the entire point!

Game Jolt’s Twitter account continues to push the point that this was a decision ultimately made due to their user base of ’13-16 year olds’ insisting that sexual content be removed, but many Twitter users are also speculating that the release of their social app on iOS and Android might also have something to do with this decision. In the mean time, Game Jolt has encouraged users who are looking for ‘porn games’ to head over to, a platform that (in my opinion) is a perfect alternative.


  • No it’s completely believable that a bunch of teenagers wanted the sexual content gone, the whole reason they fled Europe to America in the first place was to escape persecution of their puritanical beliefs.

    Oh…no wait that was the pilgrims.

  • It’s probably the payment processors. VISA, American Express, Mastercard, Paypal and whatever Paypal’s competitors may be (is Square comparable?), have the ability to cripple any online storefront if they don’t agree with their ‘values’, made on entirely arbitrary decisions. If they don’t the way you’re running your online storefront, they’ll use their stranglehold on the online finance sector to crush you into submission.

    It’s a lot like the banking sector, except with technology companies deciding who can and who cannot access financial services. Not that the banks are any better, with their abuse of customers and their efforts to debank ‘risky’ businesses that are completely legal.

  • “Game Jolt is a platform with a large audience of 13-16 year olds. Our users asked us to clean up, so here we are.”

    Yes, 13-16 year olds are notoriously averse to sex and porn.

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