Hitman 3 Had A Bad Steam Launch, So Everyone Gets An Upgrade

Hitman 3 Had A Bad Steam Launch, So Everyone Gets An Upgrade
Screenshot: IO Interactive

The news here isn’t that IO Interactive — which has historically been reticent in doling out a bevy of publicity screenshots for its hit stealth game, Hitman 3 — published a decadent 4K screenshot of suave hero Agent 47 pouring a glass of Argentinian Malbec. No, no, that’s just icing on the cake: IO Interactive is handing out free upgrades to those who purchased Hitman 3 on Steam.

Hitman 3, first released on console and PC last January, launched on PC as a timed exclusive for the Epic Games Store. Earlier this month, after the exclusivity agreement lapsed, IO Interactive listed Hitman 3 on Steam. But the rollout wasn’t exactly received well.

As noted by PC Gamer, fans didn’t have much to lament about typical matters of blowback, like abundant microtransactions or a game’s inherent quality. (Truthfully, how many bad words could you have for a game about train fights, throwable bananas, and a grape press that’s systematically used to crush the modern gentry?) Rather, players were irked that Hitman 3 was listed with a bog-standard $US60 ($83) price tag a full year after its $US60 ($83) release on other platforms.

Starting today, players who purchased the standard edition of Hitman 3 on Steam will get an upgrade to Hitman 3’s deluxe edition, which grants access to bonuses, including digital OSTs, developer commentary, and some snazzy in-game suits. Meanwhile, anyone who purchased the just-released Hitman Trilogy — a $US100 ($139) bundle that packages Hitman 3 alongside access passes for levels from the first two games in the “world of assassination” trilogy — will get the entire suite of DLC themed after the seven deadly sins.

These changes will automatically be reflected in your account via Steam entitlements, IO Interactive said in a blog post. Anyone who buys Hitman 3 through February 19 will also receive them.

Today’s upgrades come ahead of a planned year of second-year content for Hitman 3. Later this year, Hitman 3 will see the addition of a roguelike-inspired mode called “freelancer.” Down the line, Hitman 3 will receive new maps too, though IO Interactive hasn’t detailed how many or where they’ll be set.



  • IOI aren’t some behemoth like Activision or EA, they don’t deserve to cop this backlash just because people are unhappy with the situation created by the ongoing Epic/Steam exclusivity saga. Hitman 3 is such great value at full price and nothing has changed in the year since it came out. If people don’t think the price is right they are welcome to wait for a sale.

    • Agreed. They’ve done a phenomenal job with the trilogy, especially considering that each of the games got a free upgrade essentially, upgrading 1 into 2’s engine, then 1 and 2 into 3’s enhanced enging with each successive release. They really should receive more recognition for their achievement.

      • Great game and well done by them. But they can cop everything about the forced online requirements. I hate that stuff

        • I get that, but let’s be realistic, being online is pretty much stock standard these days. Our PC’s are connected to the net 24/7. Is it really that huge an issue like it was 10 years back now?

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